My Experiences with the Phenomenon & Insights

UFO next to commercial aircraft over west Texas, USA in 2019. Why are UFOs here?

Having had a number of contacts with the phenomenon, I regularly ask myself about the nature of what is going on.

Is it some entity or group that is preparing us for takeover? Are we being monitored? Are we being groomed? Are we all just losing our minds?

I had a thought today while reading Jaques Vallee’s “UFO’s – The Psychic Solution” from 1977. I was looking at the way Dr. Vallee takes into account a bigger picture perspective on the activities of the phenomenon, which is much like myself. I strive to see the whole picture and not just the fragments.

As I was thinking about this, I wondered whether at least one of the purposes or intent of the phenomenon could be to stretch our minds.

Every single sighting, visitation, and experience related to the phenomenon seems to have the one thing in common – it stretches the mind of the experiencer to a degree that all the sudden – in a split second – the world view of the experiencer opens to allow for the possibility of much more to our existence here than just the nuts and bolts of facts and common sense about the way the world works.

After an experience with the phenomenon, there is a second-order change that occurs in the mind. The mind is blown, so to speak. The mind has been stretched in a way that is like a preview to another dimension of consciousness. It’s as if we’re living in a Flatland as two-dimensional objects, and we see a glimpse of the third dimension. We cannot understand the third-dimension from our perspective, but it stretches our minds so that we can allow for it.

Seeing a saucer or an outright alien, or some other weirdness like the activities going on at Skinwalker Ranch, instantly blows open what was previously known as fact. Aircraft do this, they are incapable of that. People look like this, not like that. Communication occurs through moving mouths and using vocal cords, not through the mind.

I thought back to the almost dozen experiences I’ve had with the anomalous phenomenon to see, what was the effect on me? What resulted?

The experiences I had resulted in some effect on me. I think this is true in all cases. My experiences didn’t involve a direct communication of some high-level idea that mankind is killing itself and the environment with plastics, nuclear weapon radiation, polluting the waterways and oceans.

My experiences didn’t have me jump sideways into pursuits of arts, physics, or math like some experiencers report. My experiences were outrageous, yes.

Man floating in beam of light toward UFO. Image taken at New York City in 2019.

I’ll use this page to briefly review all of my major experiences with the phenomenon.

1. Group of Angled Discs in the Sky (1975)

I must have been around 10 years old. My mother was driving, and me, my brother 6, and sister 8, were in the car. We were stopped at a stoplight at the bottom of my grandmother’s hill where she lived in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. It was sunny out and I believe the weather was warm, so, likely on a day from May through September.

One of us saw, and I think it was me that noticed it, a group of angled, shiny discs hanging in the sky motionless. They were maybe 100 meters away and at maybe a 75-degree angle off the horizon. At first, I thought they were clouds in a weird shape. But they were brilliant, sharp-edged, and all of us stared at them intensely. There is a haze of memory over this event, and I cannot recall clearly what happened.

What I do remember is some people getting out of their cars, some beeping their horns and pointing up at the angled discs. I don’t remember how long we looked. I don’t remember how they left, or how we left, but I do remember being about a mile down the road when I snapped back into ‘reality’ and we were all talking about it. My mother was downplaying the incident from the time we saw them, saying, “oh, they’re probably nothing. Don’t be ridiculous.” She would downplay every statement.

That’s about as much as I remember. I only recently re-remembered the incident and told my brother and sister about it. My sister doesn’t remember at all. My brother does. My mom does not.

RESULT – Not sure. Minds were blown in the car that day, that is for sure. I think because my mom downplayed it, we kids thought it was probably not a huge deal and so we didn’t speak about it much after that, and eventually, the event disappeared from our minds for a while. In the case of my mother and sister – completely.

2. Wife Speaks in Tongues

I married young, at 21. My wife was a model in New York City where we moved after we lived in Hawaii for a bit while I was in the Air Force. We were living in Queens for a couple of weeks before moving to Manhattan. I remember hugging in the main living area, standing up. Suddenly she seemed to get emotional and started saying something I couldn’t grasp. She went on and on, and on, and on. It was another language. It wasn’t jibberish. It wasn’t echolalia, it seemed like an Arab language or something outside the usual French, Spanish, German that I’d been exposed to in the slightest degree by that time.

When she stopped, she was as shocked as I was. She was in a really happy state. Overwhelmed with positivity and emotion. We hugged for tens of minutes as I struggled to understand what just happened. We both knew what talking in tongues was according to Christianity. She said she had done it a couple of times at church in the past, but never for that long.

RESULT – Not sure. This was just another bit of data in my development that gradually enabled me to see that there were things in life that didn’t make sense. They happened to ‘normal’ people. That’s what I realized after this.

3. Verbal Message (1993)

Reclining on my bed in Tampa, Florida close to the school I was attending, the University of South Florida as a 26-year-old student. Music was on, and I was in a contemplative mood. I had been reading something about eastern religion or mysticism at the time and I was very aware, absolutely lucid, eyes open and completely sober. I hadn’t had alcohol for years at that point, I was a triathlete and was focused on that and studying. I was a vegan for years at that point as well. I heard very clearly in a deep male voice not my own, “Alex needs teaching.”

I don’t know if the voice was outside my head, and perceived by my ears, or whether it was entirely inside my head, but I heard it clear as day. I sat straight up and frantically looked around the room trying desperately to understand what had just happened.

I knew only one “Alex.” Her name was Alexandria. She was my first wife when I was just 21. She had some mental issues that were not shared with me before we married, and we divorced a couple of years later.

Then, after 5-10 minutes I heard, “See what you can do.”

The second experience validated the first, and I was sure I wasn’t losing my mind, but I struggled to grasp what had happened. To this day, I cannot make sense of it.

RESULT – the result of what happened was that my mind was blown. My previous self was logical and rigid in my interpretation of life. I laughed away stories of ghosts, of the supernatural, of the unexplained. I thought UFOs and Aliens might exist, but I saw them only in terms of the logical – they must be from a distant planet, having evolved in their own way, and were smarter than us because they could get here before we got to them.

I did nothing with the suggestions that I see what I could do to help Alex with teaching. I hadn’t spoken to her in years, and I wasn’t planning on it. I felt there was some urgency to the message, some importance of it. That certainly seemed evident, but I simply churned over the experience countless times to see what I could make of the voice. I was trying to analytically look at the voice and the weirdness, instead of listening to the message.

My mind was blown, sure, but not blown enough to take the message seriously. That would be a whole new level of taking it seriously, right? To this day, I don’t know whether Alex found teaching or not, or whether she needed me to teach her something, or whether there was some other proper interpretation of the message that I was missing. For years I wondered occasionally, but just never did anything with it.

4. Life Force of Dying Fetus (1999)

I’ve written about this a few times and even did a video about it. This was a super-mind-blower that I’ve still not recovered from. Like just now as I remember it in detail, my head shakes back and forth just incredulous that something like this could even happen.

In short, meditating in Jhana 4 with my eyes open while sitting on the floor in a spare bedroom. There is a movement in the rug – like a heat wave pattern that blurs it. It lifts off the rug and is in the air, hovering about one foot off the rug. Visually, it’s a sort of blurriness with brief instances of being sharper, but fading again to blurry. In my mind, I start to feel connected with this thing. Then I feel empathy for it – a feeling of love or protection over it. I start to feel a bond between me and it, and my family line behind it… it is as if it is connected to my mother, father, grandparents, etc. It is as if it’s pulling my emotion toward it…

Goes for 5-10 minutes or so. Finish meditation and write a journal entry about it. It was the strangest experience I’ve ever had during meditation.

I didn’t share it with my then wife (2nd) because she didn’t like to hear about my meditation experiences anymore. I was in too deep and it was taking time away from her. Taking “ME” away from her, really.

Next night – she is showering. I hear, VERNON COME HERE! I start walking there, thinking it’s a spider in the bathroom. She screams again, louder, more frantic. I run. I arrive and pull back the curtain. She’s against the far side of the shower looking down in horror. She had spontaneously aborted and it was laying in the tub. It was very small – we couldn’t see a fetus, just a little lump.

I later told her of the vision while meditating and showed her the journal entry. We were never quite the same after that!

RESULT – That event blew my mind like nothing before. Even today it absolutely floors me to think about it. I stopped meditating shortly after that, and I sometimes wonder if stuff like that is possible if I go back into the fourth Jhana. Buddha talked about “Abhinna” powers, of which seeing, knowing, the souls of unborn living and dying people is an abhinna power.

5. Knowing People (1999 – )

After reaching Jhana 4 in my meditation I noticed that I had an instant feeling about people as I met them or passed them on the street. It was like some psychic idea of a person’s mental state. I felt that I could discern immediately whether there was a problem or a threat, or if there was nothing to worry about with the person. It felt like I knew whether they were selfishly motivated, or were genuinely interested in others.

RESULT – While reflecting on it I just figured it was something my brain was conjuring up, so I didn’t take it seriously. As it was happening, I had no doubt in my mind that the idea about the person was 100% correct.

6. Urging to Talk about In-Laws (March 2016)

We’d just been to visit my wife’s family in the northeast of Thailand. We were back eating at our favorite restaurant in Krabi where we live. Meal almost done and we were talking about something unrelated. My wife was saying something when I got this overwhelming urge to tell her how amazing I thought her aunt and uncle were… how good they were as people, and how there just weren’t people like that in the world much.

I interrupted her to say it, stressing how I felt I MUST tell her that right now. In 10-minutes we’re driving home, the phone rings. I have a tenseness in my whole body. She answers. It’s the doctor in the emergency room, her aunt and uncle just died in a car crash 10 minutes ago.

RESULT – Shocking for sure. An odd coincidence maybe. It was the urgency of the message that was so strange to me. I never get that. The only premonition of death I’ve had was the fetus spirit as I meditated. I never had anything like that outside of meditation. My wife believes I have some gift about this, and when I have a dream, she’s always afraid of what it might mean. My dreams have been odd, but have never predicted anyone’s passing.

My mind has been opened to the possibility of sensing death, but it doesn’t happen much. It isn’t predictable as far as I know. It isn’t able to be practiced, as far as I know.

7. An 8-Meter-Long King Cobra? 2008.

I hesitate to write this one. It happened exactly as I’m going to describe, but it isn’t so absolutely clear that this was the phenomenon playing a little trick on the mind.

I was into catching venomous and non-venomous snakes for fun as a hobby here in southern Thailand. I had been to the snake show about 50 times by this point and had seen many big king cobras of 5 meters length. The world record for the length of one was and still is, ten years later, 5.85 meters. That’s about 19 feet long. So, at the show, I had seen many 5-meter long king cobras that were just about 30 inches smaller than the biggest in the world.

I go to this country road and climb it. There is nobody there. It’s right through the middle of the forest, palm plantation, and rubber-tree plantation. Looked like a very snakey place but finding snakes during the daylight hours is more difficult, so I was basically checking out the habitat for a later excursion at night.

I parked my motorbike on the road and walked 10 meters forward (30+ feet.)

I turned around to go back to the motorbike.

What I saw ran chills through me.

There was a MASSIVE snake tail going across the road. Most of the body of the snake was already well into the heavy brush. My first thought was “brontosaurus.”

I’m not joking. It was FAR too big to be a snake. After a few seconds, and the tail dragging more off the road, my mind said PYTHON. It obviously was a king cobra tail, but my mind couldn’t come to grips with that yet. It looked nothing like a python tail at all. But, pythons grow to almost 30 feet long, and this had to be at least that big.

It was only as I saw the last meter of the tail leave the road and get pulled through the grass that I finally came to grips with the idea that this king cobra was 3 meters longer than the world record. EASY. The tail was more than TWICE AS THICK as the 5-meter kings I’d seen at the show. Just going by that, this king cobra was 10 meters long. That’s ridiculous. It’s ludicrous. I’m telling you that is EXACTLY what I saw.

To this day I tell the story to whomever I’m herping (looking for snakes) with. Everyone stares at me like I’ve lost my mind. I have the website. I’ve been catching king cobras for ten years. I’ve seen hundreds. This snake was quite possibly something from the phenomenon… the trickster… the joker. Nothing else makes sense because the reality of it doesn’t.

RESULT – For years (until this week), I just rehashed my belief that this was a real king cobra that was just about twice as big as the world record. It was ridiculous to believe that, and I never knew what I believed. This week I actually gave it some more thought and with all I’ve experienced and heard others experience over the years, I think this was more likely part of the phenomenon trying to pry open my mind to the absurd as a possibility.

8. UFO Over Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand (January, 2008)

This is a bit strange because I only recently realized (again) that this was a real event. For the last couple of years, I wasn’t sure. I was leaning toward the idea that it was a dream.

Then, just four days ago (today is July 21, 2019) I found an old blog post on my site where I described what happened ‘the night before!’ So it WAS real. This is odd because why was I downplaying the event in my mind for the past 11 years?

I have this idea that during a sighting there is a suppression put over people who see the objects. The phenomenon is capable of putting a hush over people so they don’t talk about it much. At least in some cases. I’ve also had this with the comma in the sky that I describe below.

This happened in 2008. It was crystal clear and the light that floated over the beach and down the entire coast as far as we could see, was brilliant. It was so bright and constant, that I could never discern the shape of the object. The light was white, and like a mini-sun. I still cannot guess how high it was up off the ground.

I remember trying to guess as it passed right overhead. I thought it was weird that I couldn’t come up with a distance that made sense. It seemed not so high up, but there was nothing I could see in the details, so I thought it must be higher. Then if it was higher, it had to be MASSIVE. It was about the size of 1/4th to 1/6th of the size of the moon.

Here is the original post I wrote about this sighting the day after it happened.

RESULT – Somehow I’ve repressed a lot of this, even thinking it was more likely a dream than reality. That’s crazy to me because when I re-read my post about it the day after, it was razor-sharp again. I do believe the phenomenon is weirder than we could ever guess. It actually suppresses some events. Some people are affected more than others. Some events are suppressed harder than others.

9. Light Bubble, Turns into White Orb (May, 2013)

In a hotel in Surat Thani in Southern Thailand. Relaxing on the bed looking at Craigslist for something on my notebook computer.

Here is the full description of the event.

A laser-like white tangle of light is in the corner of the window. Outside or in the window itself, I cannot tell. It comes into the room as a bubble of light, long – 1 to 1.5 meters long. The rear end meets the front as it snaps together. It forms a snow-white sphere of light that hovers 1 meter off the floor and rises up to about 1.5 meters off the floor. It comes toward me and stops about 1.5 meters away from my face.

It just stays there. Unmoving. Soundless. No pattern inside. No heat or cold. PURE white light like snow. Light not radiating from within – just OF the white light. Sharply defined edges, but I cannot stare directly at them. My mind is flat. No thought. Just curiosity at full power as I soak in every detail of what is going on.

It lasts seconds or minutes. Not sure because I never see it leave. It didn’t shrink down and disappear. Didn’t fade away. Didn’t leave. Didn’t pop. I literally just did not see HOW it went away. I was locked in a moment of time loss or time distortion. THAT is the weirdest thing of the entire experience. Does ball lightning do that? Absolutely not. Ball lightning is a physical phenomenon. This was something more.

I was watching it in full attention and then gradually come to the realization that it is no longer there. My consciousness has somehow paused and this thing went away – but I wasn’t conscious of it, despite staring right at it.

The quality of the light was something I had never seen before. I also could not discern where the edges of the orb were, and yet, I was looking right at them.

RESULT – even more bizarre maybe than the fetus premonition because this was outside of any context. I wasn’t meditating. I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t anything, it was just a normal day when this super-extreme activity happened.

This one really threw me because there was no message. No feeling. No idea that popped into my head. No voice. No emotion. This was like a pure supernatural event that just showed me that this sort of thing can happen at any time, to anybody, in any way it chooses.

10. Sky Comma (2016)

Looking out the back door on my second-floor balcony. I look up because I had a feeling that I should look up. As I do, I see an upside-down comma created high in the sky. It must be massive because it’s that high and I see it so clearly. It takes 1 second to form the curve of the line, and it ends in a round dot that explodes with a pop in my head that did not come through my ears. It was almost comicbook-like. The explosion had little lines coming off it as if you’d draw it, not like a real explosion. The pop sound in my head was comical too – like a wine-cork popping funny in a children’s cartoon.

RESULT – mind blown. It seemed to have a playful or absurd characteristic to it. Maybe expanding the mind at the same time as saying, don’t take life so seriously. Reality is much different than the way you perceive it. Allow for MANY other things to be possible in your mind so you have a better idea what true reality is.

* * *

So, those are my major experiences. The result for all of them is an opening of the mind to accept the possibility that things like this exist. The phenomenon appears to be expanding our minds in different ways. It appears to be showing us different realities are possible. It shows us that our logical, concrete ideas of reality are not true. There is more.

Is it giving us a REASON TO KEEP GOING? A reason to keep playing this game? Is it stoking our curiosity because it wants us to attain the highest level of knowledge that is possible? Is it prodding us along like that? Inching us closer to the true reality?

There are no answers with the study of the phenomenon, only questions.


So many questions. 

Does anyone KNOW anything 100% about it? About the ‘why’ they’re here? What they’re doing?

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