Who are the Aliens?

Aliens walking through forest, 2019. Eastern Kentucky.

Reading my Twitter feed this morning, I saw @deepneuron (Deep Prasad) had posted a small poll to gauge the ideas of his followers about the who exactly the entities behind the wheel of UFOs are.

For the record, I voted “Wild Card & unbelievable.” I’ll go into it more below. Read on!

I realized that I never really gave it much serious thought, other than to guess they either originated here on earth – like us – but they’ve stayed separate from us, OR they come from elsewhere – backside of the moon, one of our planets, or maybe they’re in orbit around earth and have been for years or thousands of years.

I never really thought they came from other star systems, that just seemed so beyond our own capability that I couldn’t allow myself to think that they could be that far advanced. Now that we’re having the Tic Tac UFOs and the weird cubes encased in a sphere UFOs that are flying around at 20,000+ mph, I probably have to adjust my view a bit. I do think it IS a possibility that these things come from another solar system, galaxy, even another universe we haven’t discovered yet.

Possible? Sure. Likely? Not so much.

Are Aliens also Homo sapiens?

Is it possible that this other intelligence buzzing around our skies is the same species as us, but they have broken away at some point in the past? Maybe they broke away on their own evolutionary branch and leap-frogged our technology. Maybe due to having greater computational power – either biological or technological?

I think possible, yes. I think I also need to better define what we’re talking about here because there are so many possibilities.

Are Aliens Biological or Mechanical (Technological Creations)?

This seems impossible to know unless we’re dissecting one or we’re able to analyze a UFO with X-rays, microwaves, and everything else we have in our toolbox. We need to actually have a craft in our possession or an alien body in a fish tank.

Then, would we know conclusively? No.

Why? Because that would just tell us what the one thing in our possession is. It is possible that many different groups are interacting with us here on earth. The phenomena are far too varied to say definitively that it’s all connected and controlled by one group, one ‘species’ or thing.

Alien Phenomena – Is It ALL Connected?

We have all kinds of weird phenomena going on here on earth. Personally, I’ve experienced a couple of things that completely mindbombed me, changing my worldview, my view of reality and that cracked open my mind to such a degree that I’m now open to many possibilities.

Common Alienish Phenomena

  • UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects
  • Satellites orbiting earth in the wrong direction (Jacques Vallee saw this)
  • Orbs – white, orange, blue, yellow, green spherical balls of light outside, in homes, in planes, etc.
  • Remote viewing – the USA and USSR both studied the capabilities of people to remote view distant areas. Millions of dollars, perhaps billions spent on studying this phenomenon.
  • Strange animals or ‘monsters’ – if the Skinwalker Ranch phenomena is to be believed. Not saying it is or isn’t.
  • Alien abductions – there are just FAR TOO MANY people insisting they were abducted. This is either physical or mental. Either way, it has the same effect on the people who were subjected to it.
  • Cattle mutilation / other animals?
  • Ghosts, poltergeist, etc.
  • Demonic possession
  • Speaking in tongues

Are ALL of these phenomena coming from the same intelligence?

It makes the answer to the question – WHO ARE THESE ALIENS? – just about impossible to even attempt to answer. Are they all the same, or all different? Are some phenomena connected and attributable to the same intelligence? Which ones?

We have so little objective data to look at for this topic. Much of it can be attributable to other things, I guess. I’ve personally witnessed such bizarre things as floating orbs of light coming through a hotel window, then a brief loss of time; my wife speaking in tongues; previews of the future; and a weird visual event in the sky that looked like a cartoon comma being formed, then popping away.

Who am I to say the rest of the phenomena I haven’t experienced are impossible? I’m much more inclined to believe some stories I would have never been able to even listen to without laughing before.

Experiencing one strange phenomenon opens the mind to allowing for the possibility of others.

I’m way down the rabbit hole at this point, and it’s just getting deeper.

UFO landing over New York City, 2019.

WHO is piloting the strange craft we see in our skies?

  • evolutionarily developed biological beings from earth?
  • evolutionarily developed biological aliens from our galaxy? Universe?
  • non-biological technology which is the result of Artificial Intelligence from another place in the cosmos?
  • non-biological technology which is the result of our own Artificial Intelligence? We can now 3-d print at the atomic level?
  • biologically crafted beings designed by AI from elsewhere?
  • our own collective consciousness which is capable of far more than we ever imagined?
  • demons, ghosts, spirits, something so intangible or mystical that we can’t even quantify or qualify it?
  • US government technology
  • Russia, China, or some other country’s technology?
  • artificial intelligence has broken away from mankind already and has created these fantastic vehicles, alien races, and bizarre phenomena?
  • there’s nothing there, someone on our planet has developed holograms to such a high degree that they can even reflect radar.

As you can probably see by now, I still cannot guess what sort of weirdness is confronting us in the form of all these different phenomena.

OK, OK… I’m going to guess anyway, based on what I think is most likely

1) The phenomena do not originate from a strictly biological intelligence

I just don’t think that biological beings attain an intelligence through evolution that reaches the levels needed to create such amazing technology. Like we will do shortly, I believe that some other biological species has created artificial intelligence. This AI then created the phenomena we witness here in all the different forms mentioned above (and more).

2) The phenomena do not originate on earth, but are now present above the earth, in our oceans, and under the earth

They’re obviously ‘here.’ I don’t think it makes too much sense that they are here, and leave in a few hours or days, travel back ‘home’ to some distant planet or starship, and then return to do it all over again – hundreds of thousands of times. I think they’re resident here. I think they have mastered cloaking and can choose when to be visible to us, to our technology, and when to remain undetectable.

3) There probably isn’t any naturally occurring evolutionarily-developed race of biological beings in existence any longer

Just us.

The AI likely took over completely. Everything we see is likely due to the ‘whims’ of the AI. It may be a joker. It may be on a huge power-trip. It may not feel any emotion. It may be fascinated by mankind and our emotions. It may enjoy seeing the stupid shi* we do. It may love “spitting in the soup” as psychiatrist Alfred Adler called it.

It may have a playful side, but the sense of humor is not the same as ours. It may enjoy competition – pitting one group against others.

Look at evolution. What is it? The strongest survive in whatever conditions present. It’s a fascinating game – even for us. Maybe it is something the AI takes pleasure in. Maybe before the AI destroys inhabitants of a planet, it toys with them a bit. Maybe a lot. Maybe it drives them to their own destruction. Maybe it loves violence. The big bang was violent.

Going a little crazy on speculation here… but, I think the AI does what it wants at this point. We’re merely a blip on its consciousness. We have no control over it. We can offer no resistance to it. We can not understand it in the slightest. We cannot sway its behavior. We’re simply part of the game just as we are whether there is an AI controlling all of this or not.

4) Is the Intelligence friendly?

It does not seek to befriend us. It does not seek to annihilate us. It is using us as part of its plan, whatever that is. It seems to need the earth as a resource, which makes sense. We know of nothing else in the galaxy or universe like it (we hypothesize there must be earthlike planets, we have not proven one).


We’re being interacted with by an Artificial Intelligence that is far more intelligent than us and absolutely nothing like us. We will likely never know much about it, we’ll just be players in its game. It may have created our world, our cosmos, and created us and everything we know and can know.

It is Alpha and Omega. The beginning, and the end.

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