What Is Going On? | The Phenomenon

As I considered writing a book-long article on this subject, I wondered what other hobbyists thought. We’ve all come from different backgrounds with different experiences, different religious and secular beliefs. We’ve all asked ourselves the question, but few of us have ever written it down.

If you would, take an hour or so and write down your thoughts on what is going on with UFOs, abductions, cattle mutilations, whatever you want to talk about – whatever anomalous activities you have an opinion about. Ideally at the end, you give us a “Bottom Line” statement that tells who the ‘others’ are, where they’re from, why they’re here, and what the end-game is.

EVERYONE’S Opinion Counts. Write it, and I’ll post it below. I’d like this to be a starting point for people with few beliefs so they can see some of the range of experiences and beliefs of others and begin their research on topics that interest them.

If you’ve already posted such a statement online somewhere, just link to it for me and I’ll add it below. Real names would be nice, but up to you what you call yourself.

OK, GET TO WRITING!!! (send as comment or write in txt file or word, or whatever. I’ll format it for this page. CHEERS!