What Do Aliens / UFOs NOT Do?

What do Aliens and UFOs NOT do?

  1. They don’t seem to approach people who are drunk or high out of their minds. I can’t remember ever hearing a story where the person or group was crooked on some drugs or alcohol and a UFO showed up, or an alien walked in. Why is that?
  2. They don’t cause massive panic. They DO land on highways sometimes, but it’s usually just a vehicle or a couple that are able to see it at the time. It’s not 10,000 people – if up close and personal. The Phoenix Lights incident shows that mass sightings are OK, but vague and far off in the distance, overhead high in the sky and not so in your face. Why is that?
  3. They don’t eat or drink in the presence of anyone.
  4. Why is that? Maybe they are AI robots, they don’t need to eat.
  5. They don’t RUN or make fast movements or act aggressively to contactees – like overly aggressive. Unless trying to subdue them for the examination table. Why is that?
  6. They don’t confront people doing something they don’t want them to do – like littering, people creating nuclear weapons, etc. There is no real confrontation over anything. Even in the air, Foo Fighters are not really confrontational, they are just ‘there.’Why is that?
  7. They NEVER GIVE SOMETHING to anyone. After a million+ sightings, nobody has a map, a pencil, a battery, not ANYTHING that comes from another world. Why is that?
  8. They DON’T TAKE PHOTOS. No selfies with us. If here for travel, for exploration, wouldn’t they take at least a photo? Videos? Interview us about the planet? Ask us what we like about it? Ask what we think about ET’s? Why is that?
  9. They don’t ask for water or food or anything. They are self-sufficient.

2 thoughts on “What Do Aliens / UFOs NOT Do?

  • September 19, 2020 at 10:42 pm

    Regarding #3, on occasion, people have witnessed aliens drinking fluids.
    Regarding #7, although it is not typical, aliens have given people gifts. In most of such cases, those gifts were quickly confiscated by military agents.
    Regarding #9, on occasion, aliens have asked people for water, and they have asked to confiscate a pet (the pet owners have always turned them down).

    • September 20, 2020 at 1:29 am

      It would help if you’d provide any sort of reference to these. It would be interesting to read them. Cheers!


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