What Can We Do to Push this Forward NOW?

Is there anything we can do right now to move this inquiry into this intelligent phenomena  forward?

I mean, how can we force someone’s hand? How can we get the phenom to show up somewhere and ask questions of it… video tape, etc.

How can we get someone who knows to crack and tell us everything they know?

What does it want?

If we knew that, we could maybe come up with a plan. We don’t know what it wants. Does it want anything at all? What does it NEED? Why come here and disturb us?

Is there any person on earth who could bring them to the table right now? Or, is there a group of people?

If 5,000 people swarmed Skinwalker ranch and camped there with video going non-stop… would we get enough to prove something is going on? Are there 5,000 people crazy enough – serious enough about finding out what’s going on?

Is someone going to flip out and abduct someone like Luis Elizondo or George Bigelow to find out the truth about the phenomena? Is it that important to our world? Seems like someone would think so.

Do they know enough to explain what’s going on? Or, do various people know pieces of the puzzle which need put together? Luis Elizondo seems to imply that. He has said they’re releasing this information to get more eyeballs on it. To show more people so someone may be able to figure out more about the phenomena.

He says we need “more data.” He’s said that over and over. Is he just saying we need more data in the public realm to match what we have in private groups that are studying the phenomena?

Was he and maybe the group he worked with AATIP at the Pentagon overwhelmed with the variety of experiences? Does Mr. Elizondo fear for our lives? The survival of human beings on planet earth?

Who can I watch a video of on YT that has new information that will give me the clues necessary to figure something out that can be acted on? There are tens of thousands of stories of experiences. What are the tangible facts from those – and what do they add up to?

It seems like the big picture is just out of grasp.

Which pieces am I missing to figure it out? It seems like I’m on the verge of figuring out something. Why can’t I get there?

Are all these experiences evidence of just 1 phenomenon? Or, are there multiple intelligences engaging with us at the same time?

This all seems beyond our ability to cope. I mean, there’s TOO MUCH to deal with. How do we come to grips with all of this?

  • UFO craft sightings (1,000,000+; Bob Lazar; Gordon Cooper; our own sightings; over airports; over military bases; USS Nimitz incident)
  • UFO crash landings
  • UFO abductions (Travis Walton; Allagash incident; Barney/Betty Hill)
  • alien interactions (Rendlesham Forest – Bentwaters AFB)
  • UFOs shutting down nuclear weapons
  • UFOs launching nuclear weapons? (was on a countdown and stopped)
  • crop circles
  • cattle and other animal mutilations
  • orbs of light (foo fighters; my experience; others)
  • missing time
  • possessions
  • speaking in tongues (my wife did this out of the blue one time)
  • implants?
  • alien craft underwater?
  • military aircraft missing after UFO interaction?
  • Skinwalker Ranch stories?
  • remote viewing?
  • abhinnas (abhijna)

Are these all related? Or, are they different?




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