USS NIMITZ Ship UFO – November 14, 2004

Chris Mellon tells this story in the Tom Delonge “To the Stars” into video here. Chris states that he spoke to the original pilot in the encounter, and has verified the following.

A US Navy ship, the USS Nimitz, while off the coast of San Diego along with the USS Princeton, encounters a white oblong UFO 40 feet long and 12 feet thick, without wings or apparent exhaust that does fantastic things while facing the battlegroup and two F-18 fighter jets.

The object avoids the jets, and ends up behind the approaching fighter.

Gun camera video and infrared radar is recorded.

The object remained close to the boats for hours.

At one point the object soars to 80,000 feet, then drops at supersonic speed to hover 50 feet off the ocean.

More F-18’s are dispatched after the originals return because of low fuel.

Chris Mellon met with one of the F-18 pilots in the incident – Dave Fravor. The account was relayed by a friend, Paco Chierici, in an article here. If that article link does not work, I’ve copied it entirely here so it doesn’t disappear.