USS NIMITZ Ship UFO Incident, Nov. 14, 2004

Chris Mellon tells this story in the Tom Delonge “To the Stars” intro video you’ve probably seen. Chris states that he spoke to the original pilot in the encounter which we now know as “Captain David Fravor,” and has verified the following.

USS Nimitz and Fighter Jets Encounter “Fleet of UFOs” in Ocean off California

A US Navy ship, the USS Nimitz, while off the coast of San Diego along with the USS Princeton, encounters a white oblong UFO 40 feet long and 12 feet thick, without wings or apparent exhaust that does fantastic things while facing the battlegroup and two F-18 fighter jets.

  • The object avoids the jets and ends up behind the approaching fighter.
  • Gun camera video and forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR) is recorded.
  • The object remained close to the boats for hours.
  • At one point the object soars to 80,000 feet, then drops at supersonic speed to hover 50 feet off the ocean.
  • More F-18’s are dispatched after the originals return because of low fuel.

Chris Mellon met with one of the F-18 pilots in the incident – Dave Fravor. The account was relayed by a friend, Paco Chierici, in an article here. If that article link does not work, I’ve copied it entirely here so it doesn’t disappear.


There have been a number of developments coming out about this incident – a lot more information has been divulged.

Captain David Fravor (Pilot) Statement on Tic-Tac UFO Incident

Captain David Fravor came out himself and has described exactly what happened during his encounter (at least one of his encounters) with the Tic-Tac craft. That video is HERE. Capt. Fravor appears to be completely honest about the event of the day, and since the DOD has already declassified much about the incident, he must have been cleared to tell his story. This helps immensely.

Kevin Day on USS Nimitz Ship Reveals His Part in the Tic-Tac Incident

This video (below) is from Coast to Coast AM. In it, Kevin Day, a radar controller on the Nimitz ship tells his side of the story.

Interesting Kevin Day quote – “If they had hostile intent, there’s nothing we could have done about it anyway.” Both Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo have said exactly the same thing.

Extremely interesting to me are the capabilities of the Tic-Tac craft which were caught on radar:

Number of Craft Seen over Nov 10th to Nov. 16th – ‘not less than 100’

Number of Craft Typically Seen at Same Time – ‘8-10’

Speed of Craft while Climbing and Descending – an optical physicist, Bruce Maccabee, calculated the speed to be about 48,000 miles per hour.

The Material with Highest Temperature Standard on Earth? It’s tantalum carbide and hafnium carbide materials which can withstand about 4,000° Celcius. That’s 7,232° Fahrenheit.

This is interesting because the calculations for the Concorde Jet flying at 2,000 MPH has a temperature increase of about 182° Kelvin (327°F) on the skin of the plane. This is due to air molecules hitting the craft at that speed.

Flying at 48,000 miles per hour would heat the skin of the Tic Tac to around 7,403°F if flying at the same elevation the Concorde flies – which is around 50,000 feet. The Tic-Tac flew to sea level though – where the air is MUCH thicker… so the temperature increase in the skin of the craft could be assumed to be much hotter.

Analysis of Tic Tac UFO Behavior

When approached and visual contact was made, Capt. Fravor saw the Tic Tac immediately descend from 28,000 feet to the ocean’s surface, and possibly underwater as Kevin Day has stated. It dropped extremely fast – without any sonic boom. Kevin Day marveled at its capability to do that. Capt. Fravor brought his plane down to follow the craft, and when he did, the Tic Tac popped right back up to 28,000 feet and continued going south at 100 knots as it was before it was interrupted.

Kevin Day verified that he was able to also see the Tic Tacs go from about 80,000 feet to sea level at mind-numbing speeds. Even more interesting, Kevin’s fellow Navy members operating other kinds of radar saw the Tic Tacs come from “outer space” down to 80,000 feet.

What’s considered “outer space”?

100 kilometers (62 miles) elevation is considering the border of outer space, so at least that high.

Elevation of Outer Space begins at 100 kilometers high as shown by graphic.
Graphic from wikipedia – user:


This is a video depicting a graphical video interpretation of the USS NIMITZ incident with the Tic-Tac style videos in 2004. What is really fantastic about this video to me is that you get an idea that the pilots in the event must have had their heads spinning at the capabilities of these Tic-Tac shaped craft.

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