US Navy Patents Anti-gravity Anti-Inertia Craft?

The Tic Tac UFO event around the USS Nimitz which was covered by the New York Times in early 2018 showed us craft that had fantastic abilities.

Tic-Tac shaped UFOs, flying without regards to inertia, change direction at mindblowing speeds and shoot like rockets from 50 feet to 60,000 feet in a second. The g-forces are incredible but more incredible is the idea that these things can go from outer space down to sea level in a second or two.

Here’s a new article about the Navy’s new patent on an anti-inertia craft. There doesn’t seem to be any Patent Number for the craft. Why is that?

Here are some diagrams of this craft in the ‘patent’.

Triangle Anti-intertia Images of craft patented by the US NAVY 2019. Flying craft cancels gravity and inertia by wrapping craft in bubble of vacuum.
(Photo: Salvatore Cezar Pais/ Google)

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