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Episode 1 – The UFO Insiders

Today, May 31st, at 10 pm. EST, the History Channel in the USA began the first of their series covering Luis Elizondo from the Pentagon’s AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) which studied UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

This first episode was interesting, even though I’ve seen hundreds of videos since the USS Nimitz UFOs went public in 2017. This show was basically a recap of that event shown from two sides – one, Capt. David Fravor, and another – a wingman (woman) who was in another plane during the same event.

It was an interesting contrast to see how the two pilots thought about the same event. The woman was not nearly as experienced as Capt. Fravor and she voiced her concerns about being in over their heads and expecting tragedy to result because the Tic Tac UFO moved SO fast, SO eratically.

Today she is a high ranking officer in the active duty Navy and has chosen to remain anonymous. I think it is fairly common knowledge who she is, but I won’t mention her name here.

Christopher Mellon featured prominently along with Luis Elizondo in this episode. He’s the man with the high-level connections necessary to get Congress to move on this.

Apparently To the Stars Academy was able to put both pilots in front of some members of Congress to testify about the UAPs interacting with the US Navy. Capt. Fravor was one pilot, and we don’t find out who the other was. We also don’t find out which members of congress were present.

Anyway, an interesting 1st episode. We’ll see if this ignites the press and public further, or if it is all sort of blown off as unimportant in the face of the world’s current concerns that are more tangible, more pressing.

DARPA at Vimeo has posted Episode 1 in full here.

Episode 2 | Raining UFOs

On 7 June 2019, the second episode of Unidentified was shown on American TV at the History Channel. The title, Raining UFOs is how the radar operator (a Top Gun School graduate), Kevin M. Day, described around 100 UFOs on his radar dropping from 28,000 feet to ocean level in .78 seconds. This means at more than 30 times the speed of sound. Well over 20,000 miles per hour.

The episode starts with Tom Delonge and Luis Elizondo making the journey to some remote location in Oregon to find Kevin Day, who obviously prefers his privacy. On-camera, Mr. Day shared everything he knew about the TIc-Tac encounter off the southern coast of California.

One bit of new information that came out during the interview that I hadn’t seen anywhere else prior is that he wrote down the longitude and latitude of the endpoint where the Tic-Tac UFOs disappeared after completing their trek south at 100 knots per hour.

Visiting this exact location is where Episode 3 will pick up on 14 June.

Gary Vorhees, another Naval veteran was also interviewed during this episode. Gary is a radar technician aboard the USS Nimitz’s radar ship, the USS Princeton which was also taking part in the exercises around the USS Nimitz carrier. Surprisingly, Chris Mellon made the trip to an undisclosed location in Florida to interview Mr. Vorhees.

When Vorhees and others on their boat saw the Tic-Tac UFO go under the water, he spoke with the sonar team on the 70,000 ton USS Louisville nuclear-powered submarine who told him the UFO was doing 70+ knots underwater. That is twice as fast as the fastest US Navy attack submarine can go.

Luis Elizondo asked Steve Justice, ex-Skunkworks employee of Lockeed-Martin, a couple of questions to try to ascertain whether the Tic Tac could possibly be a US Government test vehicle.

Mr. Justice’s answer was in the negative as far as the capabilities of the craft. We had nothing like that in development that he had ever heard about. The hypersonic craft we do have (craft able to travel more than 5x the speed of sound) left massive heat and visual signatures, have wings, are nowhere near 40 feet in size, and need some time to reach hypersonic speeds. We have nothing that can go anywhere close to 30x the speed of sound either. I don’t think those speeds have ever been attained by any object made by our military or private industry.

Finally, Luis Elizondo took a trip down to Catalina Island, the area above which the Tic Tac UFOs were initially seen to start from.

Interestingly, the employee of the managing government group of the island began by showing Mr. Elizondo a tool showing the fault lines running under the ocean at this point. Massive fault lines.

Though Luis Elizondo said at the conclusion of that short piece that the area does seem significant because it’s close to a major population center as well as military bases, the real significance may have something to do with the seizmic fault lines under the ocean at this point.

Were the UFOs trying to tell us to look under the sea in this location because something major, some massive natural disaster was about to happen?

DARPA, an account at Vimeo has posted the full Episode 2 “Raining UFOs” here.

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