Unidentified Episode 6 | Final? | Fear Op?

Here is Clarbruno Vedrucci telling the group proudly how he knows they can HIT the UFOs when they are not in stealth mode. Yes, with weapons. This is a scary thought. This is one tiny country doing as they wish. Can you imagine if many countries of our world are actually targeting the UFOs with weapons??

The 6th and possibly final episode of UNIDENTIFIED on the History Channel ran on Friday, July 5, 2019. The final episode of a show can be counted on for showing the true focus of the series. We were not disappointed.

The focus of UNIDENTIFIED is on fear. Maybe rightly so. I mean, fear motivates us, and there are good reasons to be fearful of what is going on in the skies and in the waters around us. We just don’t know what is going on, and at times we hear of things like UFOs and aliens or whatever this other intelligence is – causing havoc… causing injury, abductions, and sometimes causing death to people.

How much of this is real, or is any of it real? Is it all a campaign to distort our perceptions of the intelligence operating UFOs so we (US) can build up our military to even greater proportions?

What follows is a detailed look at quotes found in the last episode of UNIDENTIFIED. There are some real zingers. Please read through this. The human way of watching a TV show is to get emotionally involved and let our minds run wild as we are presented with all this new material. Instead, when we stop and look at what exactly is being said, we can see the outline for the show and what producers had in mind – the message they want to give. I think it’s real apparent in this episode.


UFOs with extraordinary capabilities are present in our skies, according to a team of former US government insiders.

Title at beginning of show

“This has just now, crossed the line to a true national security threat.”

Luis Elizondo

It’s unclear what exactly he was referring to when he said this, it was a clip pulled from some part of shooting, but they just inserted it here in the beginning of the show. Was he referring to the experiences of the Italians in which their helicopter was ‘shot down’ with a beam of some sort?

“High G, rapid velocity, rapid acceleration… How Could I Possibly Fight This?”

Unnamed female pilot from the Nimitz Tic-Tac incident.

One of our top pilots in our top fighter jet, with our top radar at the time, at a complete loss as to how she could fight this adversary if it turned hostile. That incite any fear?

I had an entire fleet of these objects raining out of the sky…. If these things are Hostile, then we’re screwed.

Naval radar operator in the Nimitz incidents

Lue Elizondo discovered a different class of UFOs allegedly stalked Navy fighter pilots off the east Coast (US) in 2015.

Voice over

“We really have NO IDEA what we’re dealing with.”

Luis Elizondo

We had been hearing for a while rumors that there had been a potential attack on an Italian aircraft.

Luis Elizondo

In 2004 in Sicily, a craft appeared a few hundred meters behind the copter (helicopter) tail and it shoot a ray that destroyed the helicopter wings.

Clarbruno Vedrucci, retired Commander of Italian Navy group similar to Navy SEALs.

So this was deliberate? You believe it was deliberate?

Luis Elizondo

Absolutely, YES.

Commander Clarbruno Vedrucci

At this point, these things are coming in close and personal. We’re being FORCED to address it.

Luis Elizondo

After the commercial break, they again repeated this:

In 2004 in Sicily, a craft appeared a few hundred meters behind the copter (helicopter) tail and it shoot a ray that destroyed the helicopter wings.

Commander Clarbruno Vedrucci


Commander Clarbruno Vedrucci

Lue then says again – “So this was deliberate, you believe it was deliberate?” and Clarbruno Vedrucci responds, “ABSOLUTELY, YES.”

Weird cut. This was repeated though it doesn’t make sense and completely ignores what the commander just revealed – the missiles are SENT BACK that are fired?? Did they cut this part out to add to the next episode of Unidentified and to leave us hanging about this topic?


This is by far the most INCREDIBLE QUOTE OF THE ENTIRE UNIDENTIFIED SERIES. This means an intelligence FAR beyond us. Probably at minimum HUNDREDS of years beyond us, maybe millions. It is so bizarre to think about this, and yet, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard it. I will find the other instance and post it below or at another page HERE.

The following is not a quote, it’s too long and would add things not related.

In 2004 in Sicily, a series of house fires for no apparent reason. UFOs associated with fires (seen around). A helicopter was sent in to investigate. It was chased by a UFO and shot a powerful electromagnetic beam at its rotor. The helicopter was severely damaged but able to land. 

We discovered we could see them on a certain band of frequencies. Then we discovered that when they use their energy weapons, they must go outside the stealth mode. Only in that moment can we hit them with depleted uranium weapons.

Commander Clarbruno Vedrucci

WHOA. How do they know they can hit them at that moment with depleted uranium weapons? They’re FIRING AT THEM?

All the TTSA team looked at each other aghast as he said that.

I hate to say this, but they (Italians) may have even more information than we do in the US, potentially.

Luis Elizondo

The quote above looks to be designed to incite fear into Americans that we’re behind even the Italians, who seem to have a better grasp on this than America!

The spontaneous fires in the houses also came from a beam which they (italians) said came from the OCEAN. So the target was found at a distance of around 80 km. The source was in the open sea.

Unknown voice

Do we have an altitude? Lue asked. They respond, “It was not visible. Because it was in the bottom of the sea.”

Flashback to other episodes where eyewitnesses have reported UFOs going into the water (ocean).

This affects humanity, this doesn’t just affect one country

Luis Elizondo

Showing pics of destroyed helicopter rotor… 

Had any foreign adversary attacked a military helicopter of another nation, that could be a sign of aggression for sure, and maybe even potentially an act of war. So, that’s a big deal.

Luis Elizondo

We’re at step 4. These things are at step 30, or 300!

Lue talking to Steve Justice before the commercial break.

My greatest fear is that a foreign adversary did figure it out (the advanced tech) and we are just way, way, way, way, way behind.

Steve Justice. Yes, he said ‘way’ that many times.

We can create systems that do pieces of each of these (the 5 observables present in UFO craft behavior and construction), and not a single system that does all of these.

Steve Justice. Once head of Skunkworks, the top military contractor on the planet.

Steve Justice states that he just doesn’t want to go down the rabbit hole of “aliens, other dimensional beings, extraterrestrial beings.” However, he says it in a way that leaves open terrestrial beings… subsurface…

We’ve learned that beginning in 2015 there were scores of encounters off the east coast of the United States, with US Naval fighters and unidentified objects of different kinds, and this was within minutes of flying distance from the nations capital.

Chris Mellon

Harry reid said this is happening all over the world where we have battle groups.

This is new information if it is happening outside of the middle east where some pilots from the East Coast US said they were met by same types of UFOs they saw back in the states. Is it happening EVERYWHERE to US Forces?

Since i got interested in this… was when KGB Putin was head of the KGB and I guarantee you that he’s got a lot of information on this and I would bet that Russia is ahead of us in looking at this scientifically.

Harry Reid, US Senator

Ahead of the US scientifically? Seriously? That’s enough to put fear in the hearts of Americans and bring them onboard for a massive increase in defense spending, US Space Force spending.

I think the govt doesn’t know the answers… but over the decades, rather than try to find the answers, they’ve tried to cover up what the answers might be.

Harry Reid, US Senator

Above was the second best quote in this series. I think this sums it up nicely. They’re afraid of what the answers are, and where it all points to. ESPECIALLY if they’ve actually seen alien bodies, for god’s sake. If you know you’re hopelessly behind them technologically, why waste too much energy on them. Hope they leave us alone, let them take what they need, and hopefully move on to leave us to our own catastrophic demise.

Bob Bigelow recently said on national tv that he absolutely believes that not only does alien life exist, but that aliens are HERE… that aliens are visiting earth. Do you share that view?

– Chris Mellon asking Harry Reid

I feel it would be, from a Congressional standpoint, it would affect my credibility if I started talking about everything I know.

Harry Reid, US Senator

Another good quote. Let’s not forget that Luis Elizondo knows just about everything there is to know about the phenomenon. Chris Mellon knows. Hal Putoff knows. Gary Davis knows. There are another couple of dozen in the Pentagon currently working on the issue, as Luis Elizondo said at the end of this episode. He said it is no longer run by one person at AATIP, but a number of offices are working together on it. He even says that they are sharing information with him about what is going on. He’s sort of helping them out with things – he insinuated.

That was an incredible series finale. I’m going right now to find out where else I heard that weapons firing rounds at UFOs had the rounds RETURNED TO THE WEAPONS. By far the best quote ever as it makes this intelligence capable of virtual MAGIC. That goes far beyond our capabilities for the next hundred years or so.

Doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Unidentified Episode 6 | Final? | Fear Op?

  • July 10, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    You are referring to the reports in the cold war, two ufos engaged with a US patrol in a river and noticed their bullets eere being reflected back to them.
    Later US fighter jets engaged with the ufos firing a missile before they were out flown.
    I think the missile fired on an Australian Navy ship the following day.

    • July 11, 2019 at 3:43 pm

      I think you’re right – yes. But the missile that was fired at the UFO was fired back at the Australian ship the following day???


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