UFOs – What Are the Possible Explanations?

UFO over farmland in eastern United States, 2019.

The following is just my idea of what might be going on with the UFO situation. I have no inside information, these are just scenarios that make some sense to me. You’re welcome to add your well thought out ideas in the comments below.

Possible Explanations for the UFO / Alien Phenomenon

UFOs are not extraterrestrial – they are living below ground here on earth

UFOs are flying around the earth, and observed daily in many places around the world. Some of these flying craft are probably from militaries around the world. Others are most surely vehicles used by another race of beings that are not human beings.

Many people think UFOs must come from other worlds – other planets, moons of planets, or galaxies. I don’t necessarily believe so. I think it’s entirely possible that they are based in underground cities – possibly in Antarctica or the ocean, or both.

A race that is much more advanced than the human race, would have no trouble hollowing out vast spaces in the ice, below the ice, into solid rock, or creating bubbled cities under the ocean.

WHY would they live there, and not live on top like us? Maybe there is too much light? I have no idea, but that fits. Maybe they just don’t have the same needs as we have. They may not have the same wants and desires. They may not need sunlight to make vitamin D. They may create all their food genetically – without sunlight. They may have artificial sunlight. They may have 3-D printers printing food. The possibilities are just endless if they have greater technological capabilities than us.

WHY don’t they just take over the earth? Maybe they don’t want it. Maybe they have no inbuilt aggression. Maybe they’re incapable of it. Maybe they’re so advanced that they have evolved to believe in non-violence.

WHAT are they doing flying around the skies? Keeping an eye on us, I guess. Trying to assess whether we’re a danger to them, and to ourselves. There have been many reports about UFOs flying around nuclear silos – and even shutting the missile systems down. This would make sense if the aliens were here below ground because they’d have a vested interest in keeping the environment above ground in good shape because it will affect them underground – assuming they’re breathing air.


It’s possible that none of the UFOs we see in the skies are created by, or flown by aliens of any sort. It’s possible that these are all man-made craft. It’s entirely possible that the advances our (US) military has made (in conjunction with aerospace companies) over  the past 70 years have been flat-out amazing, and that mankind can now make craft which are using propulsion systems nothing like JP-4 fueled jets, or anything burning fuel of any sort.

It is also possible that some countries have reverse-engineered crashed UFO craft. It’s possible that the earth had very few visitors from other worlds, crashed a few UFOs, and then didn’t return.

This would explain why these craft are seen flying around nuclear weapon facilities – it’s because they are testing to see if they can knock them out of service, so they could possibly do the same to similar facilities in other countries – Soviet Union, etc.

UFOs, Aliens Come from Another Planet or Moon in Our Solar System

If UFOs are coming from a place other than earth, the most likely origination is one of the planets or moons of planets in our solar system. As new as we are to building interplanetary spacecraft, even we can send craft to Pluto and beyond. An alien civilization traveling to earth would only need to be perhaps 20 years ahead of us in technological ability. That isn’t much.

UFOs, Aliens, Come from Another Solar System in Our Galaxy, or Another Galaxy

This one has the least probability. Well, the least of anything I’ll talk about here. There’s a chance these UFOs are part of other dimensions that are here with us all the time, and only visible certain times. I can’t conceive of this, so won’t talk about it.

Aliens coming from another galaxy would need to have solutions for either: 1.) Physically traversing the vast distances – 100,000 light years to cross our own galaxy, and 100 million light years away from other galaxies on average – or, 2.) Somehow be able to bend space-time.

The first possibility, actually traveling those distances – seems ludicrous – even if they could travel multiples of the speed of light.

The second possibility, though I’m completely clueless how it works, seems even more probable. I think beings who are even 1,000 years ahead of us, could potentially have figured the second option out.

The reality may be that beings who can reach us from another galaxy are hundreds of thousands, or BILLIONS of years ahead of us.

For myself, I’m less fearful of aliens which come from another galaxy. Why? They are substantially more developed than we are. I think they’ve probably lost their emotional capability, their selfishness… their propensity for violence. I think they’d probably have our best interests at heart. Whereas, aliens who are at the same point in development as we are – or very close – would likely be emotional and not as fully attained as aliens who are far advanced and who evolved over millions or billions of years. It just seems unlikely to me that they could make it that long if they haven’t eliminated their self-destructive nature… their warring nature – which all animals here on earth seem to have. It seems like they’d have to have surpassed that point in development, and then they’d have figured out so much – how to 3-D print their own food and make their own sunlight and warmth, etc… it seems like there would be no need to use earth as a resource for anything – they could literally make EVERYTHING cheaply and quickly. They’d have no need for gold – they could make planets of gold if they wanted to.

It’s just a bit fascinating to try to come up with the qualities of an alien civilization who have lived for a billion years – developing over time, as we have through evolution. What could humans know in a billion years?

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