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There is a group of us who follow the UFO/Alien topic on Twitter daily. I’ll start this post with a list of people that I follow in the UFO field, so you can also follow them and get up to speed on what our recent conversations are concerning. Following that, I’ll post some interesting threads that have been posted that you won’t see anywhere else.

Which UFO Enthusiasts to Follow on Twitter?

Interesting Threads from Twitter

30 May Thread by Deep Prasad (@Deepneuron)

Deep Prasad‏ @Deepneuron Deep Prasad

In this thread, I drop some of my own morsels of disclosure now that certain things I was told have come to pass and I’m allowed to talk about it. Full disclaimer, I represent none of the parties I’ll be speaking about – and am just a random 23 y/o talking shit on Twitter if anyone in black suits and shades comes by.

A couple months ago, Luis Elizondo of @TTSAcademy told a few of us that they’ve partnered with large Aerospace companies. To my understanding, the partnership is not so everyone at these companies can sit around with the talented folks at TTSA and talk about UFOs all day. No, it’s much more physical and relevant-to-all-of-us than that. He told me that it’s an effort to reverse engineer and recreate the “extraordinary properties” of certain metamaterials of unknown origin. I asked why this was something the aerospace companies would be interested in. It turns out the abilities of 1 sample specifically does things that will be majorly useful for propulsion that would leapfrog us into a new world if we cracked it. We understand how it works supposedly (which I do not believe) but not how to recreate it.

Mastering this technology that’s ingrained into this ultra/metamaterial will allow us to go anywhere on the planet in minutes, and the nearby star systems in a couple weeks among a whole bunch of other capabilities but propulsion is what these companies were interested in.

Now, this is the “disclosure” part. I wasn’t allowed to talk about who @TTSAcademy partnered with, but now they’ve announced it publicly and implicitly through @HISTORY. So I can talk about the other 2 that haven’t been announced! Aside from @LockheedMartin, supposedly, TTSA is also partnered with one of the world’s most global and famous airplane manufacturers @Boeing. They’re also allegedly working with the infamous Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This is all about the commercialization of tech that was not human-made. I would make the case for why I believe such an advanced piece of tech didn’t come from us, but instead, I leave that to @TTSAcademy. They told us what they would do and delivered. So I have confidence that most or all of what I am saying is true. 8/8 posts.

Joe Murgia’s (@UFOJoe11) Threads

Joe has an inside track to a lot of information. He shoots video for various UFO related programs and gets to interface with some of the people ‘in the know’ at times. Joe also has a talent for transcribing videos into text so we can read them before they even hit the public airwaves in some cases. Here are just a few interesting threads from Joe.

Joe Murgia‏ @UfoJoe11 May 27

I cued up the part where Trevor talks about seeing a different #ufo video than what we’ve all seen. Just like Jason Turner and @GaryVoorhis have said. It would have been interesting to hear what David Fravor had to say about this claim. Cued it up here: https://youtu.be/-VWVzaww1eU?t=790 … People might want to check out again the interview I posted a bit ago by a witness named Trevor from the Nimitz Tic Tac UFO event series… https://youtu.be/-VWVzaww1eU  @GaryVoorhis spoke about an underwater object tracked on sonar. –@JeremyCorbell: “It’s the common understanding of the people u talked with that this is not human technology.” Trevor: “Yeah, no. Uh uh. Especially aircraft going in & out of the water.” JC: “Out of the water?” Trevor: “Correct.” JC: “Well, we DO know from Commander Fravor’s testimony that there WAS a USO – Unidentified Submerged Object – under the water. It’s sounding more and more like the footage you saw, is not the footage that was released by the Department of Defense?” Trevor: “Oh yeah. Most definitely.” JC: “We’re talking about a flying saucer that was under the water and dozens of Tic Tacs were dropping down from 80,000 feet, to dock with it, that u got to see clear as day on footage? Trevor: “Correct.”

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