UFOLOGY – WHO To Believe?

The problem with most people who have their interest piqued by UFOs and aliens, the phenomenon, is that they don’t know WHO TO BELIEVE. It’s a problem complicated by charlatans who are out to make a quick dollar in a field that is mind-blowing, captivating, and often viral.

We each come up with our own judgment of people we see on social media, on YouTube, and whose stories we’ve read in books. The following is my own assessment of credible and non-credible people in the field. This is all in my opinion, of course, and with facts, I can be talked out of anything. Feel free to leave facts in the comments with links to statements, hard evidence, etc.

The following are roughly ordered from more credible in my opinion to less. I have not listed everyone, but as many people as I can recall having heard about them over the last 10 years.


  1. Vern Lovic. Me. Though I don’t care if you believe my various encounters with the phenomenon, I know 100% without the slightest doubt in my mind that there is a very real, TANGIBLE, phenomenon interacting with people in ways we’re not entirely ready to accept. Before I had my own experiences I listened to the experiences of other people I trust. My mother, for instance, had a UFO experience when I was about 3 yrs. old above our house with many neighbors standing outside and watching it for 10 minutes. When you have your own experience, you’ll also know 100%. Until then, your belief must be based on hearing stories from others. Not ideal, but not everyone is making up stories. There are some extremely credible people mentioned below. I hope you research some of them.
  2. Major Milton Torres. I worked with this Air Force pilot in Miami at Florida International University doing work-study with him in 1991 I think it was. He was a professor in the engineering department. I spent hours with him listening to stories about flying, fighting, but never UFOs. To see him reveal being tasked with shooting down a massive UFO in Europe – in tears – was shocking. Though I had my own experiences by the time he came out with this at Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Event, it was mind-blowing to find out I know a pilot that had this experience. I believe him 100%.
  3. Barney and Betty Hill. I can’t think of anyone more credible than these two people, not interested in UFOlogy at all before their abduction, and then telling this mind-breaking story of what happened to them.
  4. Travis Walton. Again, a guy with zero interest in UFOs prior, and with a truck full of witnesses, was zapped by a UFO on the ground when he got too close and his friends left him for dead. They were scared out of their minds from their own testimony. Travis was gone when they returned. Travis walked out of the woods 5 days later – not appearing as if he just spent 5 days in the forest at all, and telling one of the greatest stories mankind has EVER HEARD.
  5. Rendlesham Forest Incident. John Burrows and Lt. Colonel Holt sound very credible. What exactly happened is hard to say, but obviously something odd landed and was seen up-close. John Burrows actually got the US Air Force to pay his medical bills as a result of exposure to Tera Hz. radiation during the incidents which affected his heart negatively. His medical records are still top secret, the government refusing to release them. Lt. Col. Holt actually published his tape-recorded session as he was observing the various craft. Compelling stuff!


I have to say that there isn’t a researcher alive that seems to be doing the right thing all the time. I’m critical of a lot of things, and not saying I could do any better! It’s a tough field with most trying to balance the absolute truth of what they know through a collection of facts, and hype – which sells books and puts them in the conferences every year. There are many conferences in the USA and even internationally which support around a dozen researchers. Researchers must constantly come up with new presentations, new cases, new ideas, and new books if they’re capable. The life is not glamorous. That all said, here are the few I have some faith in.

  1. Jaques Vallee. Undoubtedly one of the greatest minds to ever study the phenomenon. All his books and articles are highly recommended. Vallee sees the phenomenon differently than most and so many of his insights are real cranium-crackers.
  2. Hal Puthoff. Though I don’t know much about him, his career speaks for itself. He has worked in many fields where the phenomenon shows itself and has studied it for decades for the US government in various roles.
  3. Steve Bassett. The guy is not churning out the content on a regular basis, but he’s one of the most credible guys in the field and has been for decades. Based in DC as a lobbyist, when he speaks about something, I listen and enjoy the hell out of it. Not prone to believing nonsense stories, he is one of the few researchers out there who is probably happy to have kept his wits about him and not gone off the deep end. I value his opinion because he’s level-headed and knows a lot about the topic.
  4. Richard Dolan. I followed Richard as if he was God for number of years. Everything he said made sense. Then, over time as the noise from everyone in the field trying to get attention became overwhelming, I started to criticize them, and Richard too, for entertaining any quackpot ideas anyone came to him with. The interview with supposed ex-CIA operative in his hotel room who sounded like he was on Oxygen and a breathing machine just blew my whole idea of Richard out of the water for a while. Video here. This clown couldn’t even name bases and use the proper terminology. He spoke in vast generalizations. He didn’t seem credible AT ALL. Still, Richard ran with it and later he pulled back from his support of the guy somewhat. Still. Richard has interviewed too many fruitcakes for my taste. Richard’s books are great. Richard’s regular YouTube videos have become addicting – they are filled with good information and I value his opinion on any topic.
  5. Grant Cameron. I first began following Grant in earnest as he came up with his Presidential UFOs website and presentations at conferences. I thought they were excellent. Grant has a huge database of information in his head that, once triggered, just COMES OUT. Hang on for the ride. Recently (last couple years) Grant has taken a turn away from more fact-based content to just about anything Woo. I don’t watch any of his videos any longer, he’s down so many rabbit holes, he thinks he’s a rabbit.
  6. Linda Moulton-Howe. Absolutely brilliant woman with a personality to match. Linda also seems to entertain any crackpot that comes to her with a bizarre story. Don’t get me wrong, some of those stories are probably true. They’re just so beyond the bounds of common sense beliefs, rationality, that I’m not ready for it. I stopped watching her YouTube videos about 8 months ago. Moments of pure brilliance and my favorite researcher when she hits those moments!
  7. George Knapp, Robert Bigelow, Tom Delonge, Luis Elizondo. I’ll put these all on the same tier. Luis Elizondo is quite believable, but it’s hard to trust a guy from the CIA 100%!
  8. Steven Greer. I’ve watched probably 100 Greer videos. Initially, he was fine. His mock National Press Disclosure Event was incredible. It’s shocking how little impact it had on anything. His interviews with top witnesses are unbeatable. He has also gone down too many rabbit holes and now is focused on how to create a legacy for himself and how to stack more money in his accounts for his family when he passes on. This is what it feels like. He’s real money-motivated and playing a sort of poker game with lots of bluffs and rarely the nuts. He knows a lot, but he infuses it with the nonsense he makes up to get donors to support him. For me, he lost about 80% of his credibility over the last 5 or so years.

I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head at the moment. There may be more. I don’t watch any Dark Journalist or listen to Coast to Coast am any longer. The host has revealed himself to be a complete jackass at times. It’s all about ratings, I know. If there’s anyone else you think is credible, let me know in the comments.