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UFOs of different shapes in one formation. Some say they have seen UFO’s change shape. Is that what we’re witnessing here?

UFO – What Is It?

A UFO, an unidentified flying object, is something seen in the sky that is not identifiable. After some research, it may be found to have been a plane, party balloon, weather balloon, one of the bright planets (Jupiter, Venus), the moon, or even reflections off of glass windows inside a vehicle or other aircraft.

UFOs are typically thought of as ‘flying saucers’ – a term coined 60 years ago by pilot Kenneth Arnold who saw nine UFOs flying in a V formation over Mount Ranier in Washington state. He described the craft flying as a saucer skipped across the water would skip when thrown.

UFO to most people means a craft that comes from a place originating off-earth. Extra-terrestrial. Not of this earth and belonging to some other place.

Where they come from is a matter of great debate. What is a fact is that craft that human beings did not build are flying around in our skies. That much has been evident for at least 70 years in the modern era, and in historical records for THOUSANDS of years. They’re here, but we don’t know where they come from.

The Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis

Child draws alien seen at Ariel School in Zimbabwe, 1994.
Student who witnessed UFO craft land at their school in Zimbabwe in 1994 draws the life form he saw come out of the UFO.

Put simply, the ET Hypothesis suggests that these crafts come from off-earth. Perhaps this other intelligence originated on our own moon, or maybe they moved there and set up a base. They could be from another planet in our galaxy – Venus? Mars? Jupiter? Or, they could be on one of the moons of one of our planets.

This is not the most likely scenario in our humble opinion, but it is a plausible one.

The Terrestrial Hypothesis (Aliens Come from Earth)

The most plausible scenario is that these crafts come from here on earth. They are not human-made, as already stated. They are made by a race of beings that have remained hidden from humans for the most part. They can be living underground, under our oceans, or at this point, with the technology they appear to possess, they could be living in orbit around the earth in their own massive craft.

We just don’t know the answer to the questions:

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they from?
  • What do they want from us – if anything?

Who Is this Other Intelligence?

Many people claim to have seen beings come from craft after landing on the ground, and some while they are in the air looking out windows on their craft.

UFO hovers above power lines and road.
Like a child’s spinning top, this UFO hovered over a road. Is this real? Why have the UFOs changed shape with time? Are they gradually influencing our behavior? Our genetics? Our environment?

One case that seems as valid as they get was the Ariel School sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe (Africa) in 1994 year.

About 60 students at the school saw beings outside their landed craft next to their playground at school while on a recess break. Children described the beings as small with large heads and huge oddly-shaped black eyes.

This is one of the common descriptions of alien beings. They are smaller than adult humans are typically. They are usually described as 3-4 feet in height with skinny long arms, thin neck, and a large head with massive eyes. They sometimes appear to float, other times they walk in a bipedal fashion on two legs.

Some people claim to have seen reptilian looking aliens. Others have seen tall blonde-haired human-looking beings resembling the Nordics here on earth.

Then there are the non-human looking entities like bubbles of light, spheres of light, cloudy forms, dark forms, and all sorts of shapes.

Where Are they From?

As stated above, it seems to make the most sense if they are from here on earth already. On the earth, under the earth, somewhere in a remote area that we cannot see them coming and going very much. Antarctica has been one area mentioned as ideal for an intelligent race to live without interference and detection. If they were living under the ice, it isn’t likely we’d find them unless directly looking for them there.

Antarctica is a possible location for UFOs and the alien intelligence behind them. ©Google Maps.

However, if they are living there, some of the militaries of the world must know this and avoid the area. We have submarines that can go into the arctic and Antarctic seas. Are they that well hidden that our Naval units cannot detect them?

What Do they Want?

It’s hard to imagine UFOs flying around and landing so often (100,000+ known cases) if they’re not after something. What could they possibly want? If they’re so far advanced in technological know-how beyond what we have, why would they need us at all? Do they need us at all? Are they only interested in earth’s rich resources? Couldn’t they 3-d print any substance they needed? Are they really hundreds of thousands of years beyond us, or maybe only 10-20 years?

Abductees claim to be taken into an alien craft and subjected to questioning, and usually some sort of medical procedures (sometimes painful).

It’s interesting to note what they don’t seem to want. They don’t ask us to bring them a sample of anything we have on earth. Does that mean they already have the capability to make everything we have? Or, that they just don’t need anything from us? Are they not curious about any material thing we have?

Interesting to think about.


UFOs are here. We don’t know who the intelligence is behind them. We don’t know why they are here on earth or visiting earth, or even if they are from earth themselves. Luis Elizondo had an interesting informative video where he hypothesized that there were “mankinds.” Yes, plural. More mankinds than us? He also asked, “What does it mean to be human?” Video here. It was as if he was trying to tell us that there are more humans. Maybe a sub-species or super-species.

We don’t know what they want – if anything. They could be cosmic tourists. We just know they’re here and they are doing whatever they want.

Political and military figures from around the world don’t seem to know too much about them either. They’re ignored and we just carry on as if they don’t exist, as long as they don’t interfere with us too much.

Recently, there has been a number of UFO cases that have been cause for concern due to the possible threat UFOs present to human beings. The Brazil cases where laser like light was said to come down and burn people from UFO craft is one such experience.

An odd cube-shaped UFO inside a semi-opaque sphere zipping between two Navy fighter jets during exercises off the east coast of the USA was another. Do these UFOs mean harm? Could they turn combative?

More questions we can’t answer because we understand so little about UFOs and the intelligence behind them.

Beginning in 2017 with the establishment of “To the Stars Academy” a faction of retired ex-CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) operatives and others in science and government there seems to be a serious attempt at studying the white elephant in the room and getting to the bottom of some of these tough questions.

We created this website as a source of UFO information for people concerned about what it means for us on a day-to-day basis.

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