UFO Materials Analysis

One main focus of To the Stars Academy (TTSA) is the scientific testing of material said to have come from UFOs either in the air, or having crash-landed or otherwise landed.

Through various means, they’ve obtained 7 samples of material they are in the process of testing in their “ADAM Research Project.”

None of the material comes with a proper chain of custody. TTSA became aware of the material when people who possessed it, made contact with them. In some cases, the material was sent anonymously by mail to people and told where it came from. In other cases, eye-witnesses to craft saw something fall off and somehow retrieved the exact material from the ground.

As you can see, none of this material is of known origin, it is just hearsay. Still, where it came from won’t matter if TTSA is able to prove that it is beyond the engineering capabilities of mankind. That’s their aim.

In particular, scientists in the ADAM Project are looking for “Indicators of Unique Origin” such as:

  • Unusual chemical combinations or alloys
  • Isotope ratios that indicate the material was created outside of our solar system
  • Unusual structural composition

Though quiet about most of the preliminary results, TTSA spokespersons do occasionally release information to the public.

One piece the ADAM Project is analyzing is a layered Magnesium-Zinc-Bismuth sample supposedly recovered from a crashed UFO (Roswell).

Bismuth Magnesium-Zinc layered material from Roswell UFO (alleged) being analyzed by TTSA's ADAM Project.
Bismuth Magnesium-Zinc layered material from Roswell UFO (alleged).

This Bismuth layered sample is interesting because:

  • The piece is engineered with distinct layers of the materials at precise thicknesses – just microns thick.
  • A detailed search has been undertaken to find similar precisely engineered combinations of these materials – none exist.
  • Scientists so far are baffled as to how the material was combined to form an integral structure.
  • Theoretical analysis shows that the material acts as a waveguide for terahertz (THz) frequencies — these THz wavelengths are not known to normally propagate through this sort of structure.
  • Part of the sample piece appears to be ‘tooled,’ showing a defined contour.
  • Even after extensive testing (and more ongoing), there is no known purpose or function of the material.

In July 2019, Steve Justice of TTSA stated about the material:

“The structure and composition of these materials are not from any known existing military or commercial application. We are focusing on verifiable facts and working to develop independent scientific proof of the materials’ properties and attributes.”

— Steve Justice, TTSA. July 2019.

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