UFO Manifestos | Tell Us What You Believe the Phenomenon Is

I was sending a message to another UFO hobbyist on Twitter today who is currently writing up his UFO MANIFESTO to share with us. We respect his opinion and really cannot wait to read about what he believes about various aspects of the UFO Phenomenon.

As I wrote him, I realized – we should ALL have a UFO MANIFESTO. A manifesto, in this case, is a statement of view about a topic.

I’ll create a Google Form you can fill out HERE. I’ll create a page for you on UFOScoop.com that you can refer back to, and also view other people’s UFO MANIFESTOs as well. I hope we can get large participation in this!

2 thoughts on “UFO Manifestos | Tell Us What You Believe the Phenomenon Is

  • July 24, 2019 at 4:28 am

    My friend and I had an encounter with what we believe was a UFO on July 3, 2019 traveling on Route 4 North leaving Solomans Island, Maryland. A green light illuminated the right side of the SUV, and made a sound as if something moved faster than the sound of light. As quickly as we both looked right, it disappeared. We were both in shock, having a discussion about what had just happened. Suddenly, we were looking forward and a bright green light appeared in the sky like a flash and quickly disappeared.

    Days later, I was at work and noticed three red dots on my right arm in a “V” formation.

    I have been having burning of the eyes, loss of sleep, appetite and hair discoloration.

    I took pictures of my arm. I looked on the UFO sight to see if there were any other reports on July 3 and it was.

    I’m going to the doctor to have my arm xrayed.

    My contact number is (removed)

    Carla McClinton

    • July 27, 2019 at 2:29 pm

      Hi Carla,

      Interesting experience! What happened at the doctor’s office? Can you send the photo you took to us here – Contact. Was there any missing time? What does your friend think?

      Cheers, Vern


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