UFO/ALIEN Fanatic Kidnaps Chief NASA Scientist!

This is a headline from the future. It’s surely coming. If you think about it, there’s only so long people can hold it together. The truth is out there. In fact, the truth is within the minds of a handful of people. Maybe hundreds. It is just a matter of time before someone loses it and goes to extremes to find out the truth about the ALIEN and UFO issue.

I wonder when some fanatic is going to kidnap a top NASA or other scientist or government official and hold them under threat of torture or death until they reveal the alien secret. Not that this would help anyone believe, but someone’s surely going to flip out over this eventually.

Who could be at risk?

NASA scientists for one. High-level NASA scientists and engineers present an easy target, as sick as that sounds. I don’t think most of them are walking around with bodyguards.

I wonder if NASA scientists even know. It hardly makes sense that they can be such a disinformation group over decades, and nobody from there has cracked and blurted it out.

That’s odd to me.

Or, maybe there ARE NASA insiders who have come forward with stories of what has gone on behind the doors at NASA.

Anybody know? Anyone have names I can research?

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