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THE BIG NEWS OF February? Coming shortly. We hope! One UFO researcher said the next event will be on a Sunday. Let’s kick off February with my DEEP THOUGHTS on Aliens and UFOs here:

February UFO / Alien Resources – Must Read / View

  • 19 Feb – Video – My BEST THINKING about “THE PHENOMENON.” Must see – new ideas that can explain the Phenomenon.
  • 18 Feb – Video – JAMES FOX on AU television – from 2:32 – riveting. He has interviewed very high ranking military and govt officials. Says they don’t KNOW what they are, what they want. They will ‘never’ disclose that.
  • 17 Feb – Video – Dr. ERIC DAVIS and HAL PUTOFF on Coast to Coast am with GEORGE KNAPP.
  • 12 Feb – My new Video – The Alien Threat. I take clips from Tom Delonge, Linda Howe, Grant Cameron, and George Knapp – where they are speaking about a threat or evil side to the Alien Phenomenon.  Download HERE (.mp4 file)
  • 7 Feb – LUIS ELIZONDO interview – 1 hour – definitely worth listening to. Recorded Jan 15. Interviewer: Juliano Marinkovich.
  • CHRIS MELLON on W-H-Y LUIS ELIZONDO went public. “Frankly, I don’t think there is anyone at a high level, who has been tagged with the responsibility, and the authority necessary to get to the bottom of this, and I think that was ultimately what led to Luis Elizondo’s frustration after years of trying to pursue this.” From this video.
  • Who is DAN SMITH? Mouthpiece for RON PANDOLFI, or more? I am just trying to get up to speed on he and Ron, and this article helps a bit. He’s a mystery in his own right.
  • Alejandro Rojas interviews COLONEL JOHN ALEXANDER about the Skinwalker Ranch experiences. Also, if you haven’t read the book on Skinwalker Ranch, it’s worth a read.
  • Excellent 42-minute video interview with JEREMY CORBELL. He rehashes the importance of things said by Tom Delonge’s group and relates it to the Skinwalker Ranch. Jeremy has a film coming out about the ranch that is supposedly mind-blowing. Another JC video here – also worth watching – loving this guy.
  • The Dark Journalist – with GRANT CAMERON on YouTube. Dark J doesn’t believe in the UFO Disclosure happening now – so interesting to watch.
  • DR. MILTON TORRES – a professor I did a work-study project with at Florida International University – was a pilot flying jet fighters who was told to shoot down a UFO he was chasing. There are 2 videos here. Video 1. Video 2.
  • Luis Elizondo on TV with GEORGE KNAPP further clarifying just how many high-level witnesses there were of the Tic-Tac UFO and others just like it – around our military (18 witnesses). With that link, you’ll hear a 30 second ad first – sit through it – it’s always well-worth waiting to hear whatever Elizondo is saying.

JANUARY MUST SEE Videos and articles here.

The above are UFO / UAP / Alien resources we found in February to share with our viewers. These are curated, meaning vetted. If they’re listed below, they are worth watching and understanding. We only share the best information -and not any of the spam out there on the subject. For 2018 we will focus on ONLY the most credible sources of information and commentary on the subject from people like: Luis Elizondo; Hal Putoff; George Knapp; Grant Cameron; Linda Moulton-Howe; Richard Dolan; Dr. Greer. If you have another source you believe to be of an exceptional quality that you would like to share – please send here.

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