Trump on UFOs | 5 July 2019 | Tucker Carlson Interview

ANOTHER comment by Donald Trump, US President, regarding UFOs in our skies. This one adds a little bit more information about the way the President is viewing the reports of UFOs flying around and being reported by Navy Pilots. This is the SECOND time President Trump has commented in about 1 week. This is obviously GOING SOMEWHERE.

This interview was streamed on YouTube by Donal Daniel. Many thanks!

US President Donald Trump on UFOs in America’s Skies

2 thoughts on “Trump on UFOs | 5 July 2019 | Tucker Carlson Interview”

    1. Hi Brian,

      I agree, it’s a possibility that the government has made a deal with ET. Who knows? Where have you seen craft up close? When? Photos? Vids? Written account? Cheers!

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