Tom Delonge

Tom Delonge, UFO researcherTom Delonge

Short Bio: Born December 13, 1975, and grew up in Poway, California.

The frontman (singer, guitar player) for 1990’s band Blink182 and Angels and Airwaves, Tom Delonge has put the bands on hold while he pursues his other true passion in life – UFO / Alien Disclosure. Tom has been interested in the topic since childhood, is widely read on the topic, and now has connections to top insiders.

Recently Tom has become part of a group of high-level sources within government and private corporations who have experience and knowledge of the UFO issue. He, Jim Semivan, and Hal Puthoff created “To the Stars Academy,” a publically held corporation which is involved in furthering disclosure of UFOs and UFO technology.

The group is promising never before seen footage (video) and potentially more (radar reports), of incidents never seen before by the public. This proof of UFOs having interacted with US Military planes and ships is to be released from within government with a chain of custody list – showing exactly where it came from.

Tom released a statement on Instagram saying the countdown has begun, and in a ‘handful of days,’ the first video will be released 8th or 9th of December, 2017. Also being teased is “the most important announcement by TTSA we have ever made.”

Tom’s Belief About Aliens is Overall – Negative

Tom appears to be concerned about (fixated on) some negative aspects of disclosure, when it does come about. It isn’t clear what he’s referring to, but he mentioned “threats” a number of times in the early days as the TTSA was going public. They’ve even gone back and removed the word from at least one of their videos.

There are still references to some negative information that Tom lets out on occasion. Here’s an interview with Tom about the UFO disclosure topic by Lesley Keane of the Huffington Post when she was doing an article on Chris Mellon (also a member of TTSA).

“I think they really do want us to know. I really do think they do. I do, at this point, feel like it’s going to be a tough thing to swallow for people and I think there are elements about it that people are not ready for,” Delonge told George Knapp, the chief investigative reporter for KLAS TV in Las Vegas and weekend host of Coast to Coast AM.

Elements people are not ready for? That’s a hint, but could be anything really. We don’t know – is this just something that Tom suspects, or something he heard directly from one of his very high sources? We don’t know.

Another downright scary quote from Tom about the negative aspect of the phenomenon…

“I thought I knew a lot. And then there was one meeting I had where somebody goes, let me just tell ya what ur fucking with. Let me just, let u know. And he said something & I didn’t sleep for 3 nights. And I was like, oh my God.” ~ Tom Delonge

In 2019, Tom has really taken a backseat to others in TTSA like Luis Elizondo and Chris Mellon, who are the two main frontmen for the organization, appearing on TV news interviews often and always with new and stunning information.

In May, 2019, instead of releasing something of substance through his social media channels, he’s fixated on posting photos of dogs driving cars and following him. In the end, will people just overlook Tom as a clown, or take him seriously? It’s hard to understand him, that’s for sure.

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