Tom Delonge on KROQ Radio | Fear is the Word

Usually, aliens are portrayed as scary, not friendly, not interested in our positive development. Is it true?

We Are NOT Ready for Full Disclosure

I’ve said for years – five, maybe six…

We should be careful what we ask for, in terms of disclosure.

I didn’t believe then, and I don’t believe it now, that the general populace of the U.S. or any other nation, is ready for full disclosure of what exactly is going on with the paranormal activity going on here on earth.

The more I hear Tom Delonge, Luis Elizondo, and the rest of TTSA focusing on the ‘unnerving aspects’ of the phenomena, the more I continue to believe it. We’re not ready.

In the video interview below, from KROQ radio’s YouTube channel, Tom gives us a hint that TTSA is on a 3-5 year plan from now. This was NOT meant to take a year, two years. This was a 6-7 year rollout, and we’ll continue to get more information as long as nothing changes, but of course you know how that goes. Someone in the Pentagon could decide to shut this entire thing down anytime with good enough reason.

Fear is the Word on Tom’s Mind

Constantly, whenever Tom does an interview, you can count on fear coming up over and over. In the video below, pay special attention to the 6:23; 8:15; 12:00 marks where he paints the phenomenon as terrifying, unnerving, and that it scared the hell out of everyone involved back during World War II.

Tom Delonge on KROQ Radio (YouTube)

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