To the Stars Academy

To the Stars Academy (TTSA) was formed by Tom Delonge and Jim Semivan as a public company selling stock shares to people who support their efforts in public disclosure of the UFO Phenomenon.

TTSA is comprised of a number of people who have CIA connections, a rock star (Tom Delonge of Blink182), an ex Lockheed-Martin Skunkworks director (Steve Justice), and a guy who ran the Anomalous Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP), Luis Elizondo. Another member of TTSA, Physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff, has worked as a contractor for government agencies for decades.

TTSA’s Disclosure Efforts Include:

  • New York Times articles about UFO incidents with the US Navy
  • 3 De-classified Videos of UFOs from the Pentagon
  • A fiction (but not really fiction) book series to explain to the public what is really happening, without coming flat-out and saying it.
  • Examination by scientists of material said to have come from crashed UFO craft.

Recent Tweets Regarding UFO Materials Analysis

To the Stars Academy tweet on Twitter about composition of pieces of UFO crashed craft analyzed by scientists July 26, 2019.
Tweet from TTSA (To the Stars Academy) showing layers of Bismuth and other materials that are not from any man-made application, and presumed to be of alien engineering and manufacture.

To the Stars Academy on Twitter.