To the Stars Academy Disclosure Initiatives

To the Stars Academy (TTSA) are involved in a number of projects designed to bring about disclosure of the alien presence visiting earth. Choose one below to learn more.

De-Classified Videos

TTSA has released or caused to be released, three videos showing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that seem to be either human-made craft generations ahead of American technology, or craft engineered by another intelligent species either here on earth, or elsewhere. Read more HERE >

Anomalous Materials from UFOs

TTSA has collected seven pieces of material said to be from UFO craft and are analyzing them comprehensively as part of their ADAM Project. Read more HERE >

Fiction Book Series

A fiction book series infused with elements of the truth. We bought the first book and enjoyed it, though the targeted audience is people who have very little background in the phenomenon. Find the books HERE >

Unidentified – History Channel TV Series

In 2019 the first season aired of Unidentified. This was to showcase what TTSA has done so far, including videos released by the Pentagon and traveling to the spots where the incidents occurred. Featured many interviews of sailors and pilots involved in the USS NIMITZ Carrier Group event in 2004. Read more HERE >

New York Times Articles

The NYT has published a number of articles about TTSA’s Disclosure initiatives. Read about them HERE >