Storm Area 51 Event | Facebook | September 20

Area 51 map from overhead satellite, featuring Groom Lake.
Area 51 in the southern Nevada desert, featuring Groom Lake.

What is the “Storm Area 51 Event” at Facebook All About?

Someone from outside the USA created a “Storm Area 51” Facebook event to goad people into making a stand to finally get the crucial information about UFOs and Aliens from the United States military and government. There are around 1 MILLION people signed up to Storm the Area 51 complex. Totals today – 989,000 are “going” and 845,000 are “interested.”

Area 51 is also known as “Homey Airport,” “Groom Lake,” “Paradise Ranch,” and “Dreamland.” Area 51 is a military facility in the southern Nevada Desert as part of Nellis Air Force Base which is used for research. What they research at the present time is unknown, but flights of new aircraft and possibly weapons research is probably conducted here. In the past, the SR-71 and F-117 fighter jets were both flown out of Groom Lake.

Area 51 was once known as the place a large number of Americans figured Aliens and crashed UFO craft were brought to after the 1947 Roswell event. This UFO event is considered the best-known UFO event ever, so plenty of people are aware of Area 51 and what it supposedly has inside.

Are there crashed UFOs and Alien bodies or live Aliens currently at Area 51? Not likely. Once the base became widely known, super top-secret items like crashed UFO saucers and Alien bodies were most likely moved elsewhere to prevent something like this public invasion from happening.

Though we did write an article last year about “What Can We Do NOW to Push this Forward?” we didn’t mean that storming an active military base anywhere on the planet was the answer. Storming Skinwalker Ranch? OK. I mean, if we’re to put this in perspective… Taking over some private property like Skinwalker Ranch, would probably not result in casualties. Attempting to break through the perimeter of a US Air Force Top Secret Military Facility on September 20th is likely to result in fatalities if the leaders (or individuals) of this group go too far.

Ideally, this will turn into a mass rally outside the gate at Area 51 that will be covered by news sources from around the globe.

US Air Force spokesperson, Laura McAndrews, has released a statement from the Air Force regarding “Storm Area 51 Event.”

“[Area 51] is an open training range for the US Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces. The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.”

Laura McAndrews, USAF Spokesperson


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