Steve Justice

Steve Justice, member of To the Stars AcademyWho Is Steve Justice?

“Revolutionary is too mild a word.”

Stephen Justice is the tech guy in the To the Stars Academy group. He managed programs of the highest technology in the USA at Lockheed Martin. In other words, some of the highest tech in the world. Steve knows what is possible. Steve is oriented toward the future – and he’s excited about future technology.

Position at To the Stars Academy: Aerospace Division Director

Steve Justice will lead the effort of examining emerging science and tech. Basically, he’ll try to reverse engineer technologies observed in  extraterrestrial craft in our skies. He may have already studied craft we have in our possession.

Work History: Program Director for Advanced Systems from Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs where he spent 31 years. This is the area of Lockheed-Martin known as  “Skunk Works”.

Education: BA in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology

On the bottom of the website, Steve Justice says,

As of today, TTS Academy is evaluating hundreds of newly received technical papers and studies created by universities and technology companies. This information covers materials, physics, and analyses of observed events. While we evaluate and expand our understanding of breakthrough physics for advanced propulsion, we also expect near-term, demonstrated progress in advancing technology. We are building plans for experiments with exotic materials and beamed energy propulsion systems. Each effort will be approached using the scientific method to ensure results are substantiated and provide indisputable proof of all claims. – Steve Justice, Aerospace Division Director

Steve Justice profile at Lockheed Martin.
Profile taken from Lockheed Martin page. Yes, he really worked there.

What I think this means is, TTSA is going to take papers directly from scientists at universities who are claiming to have made some of this technology work. They’re going to evaluate the papers, and if they look solid, they’re going to build some of these gadgets.

Regarding the quote at the top of this page – REVOLUTIONARY IS TOO MILD A WORD… This is a mind-blowing quote from Steve Justice about the UFO / Alien Phenomenon because Mr. Justice certainly knows what is possible with technology we currently have, and the technology being displayed by craft in the skies without wings, without obvious propulsion systems, which can outfly anything we have or anything we are on the cusp of developing.

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