Steve Bassett

Steve Bassett, UFO disclosure advocate at Paradigm Research Group
Steve Bassett, Washington D.C.

Steve Bassett is an advocate for alien disclosure in Washington DC. who has recently taken his show on the road, and has been in locations like the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union to speak to his counterparts to share information about the US involvement with UFOs/UAPs, as well as to get information on the same.

Education: “studied physics” at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, and Georgia Tech.

Steve is one of my favorite guys in the field. He’s not a researcher, per se, he’s an advocate in government for the release of more information about UFOs and the phenomenon. He has many high-level contacts in government and he sometimes goes on the road to speak at conferences.

Steve has a real personality, and when he speaks I listen closely. He has a very good ‘big picture’ view of the phenomenon and the challenges we face to bring this public.

In 2019, I haven’t heard much from Steve. I think he’s due to drop something big on our heads though. Come on Steve – what do you got??

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