Stephen Lovekin, Brigadier General, US ARMY Reserves

Dr. Greer has a few interviews with top-level experiencers and people in the federal US Government that are absolute mind blowers. His interview with Brig. General Stephen Lovekin about Project Bluebook and being shown materials from the 1947 Roswell crash of a UFO saucer is something you cannot miss.

This video has a number of highlights. Pay attention to when he is shown material from the crashed UFO that looks like hieroglyphics. Pay attention to when he talks about 5-7 alien bodies, and one of them survived – at least for an indeterminate time. Pay attention to when he talks about Eisenhauer.

This video is full of amazing revelations.

Watch General Lovekin’s eyes. He is always looking to his right. This is consistent to someone accessing stored memories. NOT making it up. Looking to the left is indicative of someone making something up.

In my opinion, having a master’s degree in psychology, Gen. Lovekin is telling the truth. See for yourself what your assessment is by watching the video below.