Skinwalker Ranch Audio | George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell Interview

Here’s a recent interview with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell about the 480 acres Skinwalker Ranch and Jeremy’s new movie about the ranch. Quite interesting!

Audio Interview Here >

If you don’t know what the Skinwalker Ranch is all about, this is a ranch in Utah where there are supposed to be paranormal activities going on. There have been strange animals sighted, deaths of animals, animals moved into strange (impossible?) places, floating blue orbs that feed off fear, cattle mutilations, and more. It’s like a ‘Paranormal Disneyland’ Mr. Knapp says.

A group went in to stay at the ranch and study it. They crosse the prosaic explanations off their list as they experienced more weird stuff going on.

However, neither George Knapp nor Jeremy Corbell ever saw ANYTHING regarding the phenomena while there. The interviewer asks this around the 23 minute mark of Jeremy.

Joe Schoenmann: ‘Were you able to capture anything on film?’

Jeremy Corbell: ‘No, I wasn’t able to capture anything on camera. But, neither was the NIDS team that studied the ranch 24 hours a day for 7 years.”

HUH? OK, no… this has been blown way the hell out proportion and is completely based on people relaying spooky stories to each other.

VERN’S NOTE – I’m not sure what to make of this. Sounds like just stories with no proof. Maybe Jeremy’s new movie will have something solid as proof. The one experience that George Knapp has pointed to when asked for proof is when a camera was ripped off a pole as another camera was taking photos of it seconds later. Apparently, a lightning strike hasn’t been considered as an explanation because everyone is completely baffled by this occurrence.

George Knapp says he has been to Skinwalker Ranch ‘Multiple times’ since 2000 and has ‘never seen anything.’ But he’s super excited about what’s going on there and treats the stories he hears as truth from the prior owner.

It’s very odd to me that George Knapp got so wrapped up in this – even believing the giant wolf story and some of the other bizarre stories. This wolf was shot, with flesh and fur flying off the animal, and what? They didn’t save it to study it?

Seems like just BS. Not sure what reason George would have to treat this as truth, but come on… Maybe just needs another income source.

NEW INFO 9/12/2018

UFOJOE11 @twitter posted this transcription from an interview with the current owner (Mark Allin) of the Skinwalker Ranch which was found at the end of Jeremy Corbell’s Skinwalker movie. Sounds like horrifying stuff… but, it’s all just stories until someone comes out and claims it as truth in PUBLIC.

Joe says – ‘Amazing interview w/new owner of

“There are many different entities, for whatever reason, that interact w/us at the ranch. We have experienced very negative, harmful activities. In fact, several of my personnel have ended up in the hospital w/serious, life-threatening injuries in just the past year, as a result of their efforts & activities here at the ranch. To date, we have no explanation as to why they have been attacked or have had these negative experiences. Only that it does occur and it is without warning, without provocation. And frankly, without any real conventional explanation as to where it originates from or what the real agenda is. And I think that’s the most baffling…is trying to wrap our minds and our arms around exactly what is the agenda of these entities… the anomalies that we’re interacting with.”

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