Senator Blumenthal Just Revealed the Alien Threat is REAL and IMMENSE

Twitter is fun because it helps me keep up with what is going on in the crypto space and the UFO/UAP/Alien/Intelligence arenas because people post great links to news they’ve heard and often times it’s incredibly interesting.

Such was the case today. I saw someone had posted a video of Senator Blumenthal, from the USA talking about the IMMENSE threat in space that the people of the USA have no idea about. I’ll transcribe the video for you below.

In the video, we were all (on Twitter) trying to understand who THEY were when Sen. Blumenthal was speaking. Was “they” referring to our adversaries? Or, was he using that to refer to the alien threat?

Here’s the video. Watch closely the seriousness he presents these statements. Watch closely his right hand as he talks about us and our adversaries knowing what ‘they’ are up to. Watch how he uses his hand to signify different things by different positions of his hands. When he talks about what I think is the aliens as a threat – he gestures towards the MIDDLE. When he talks of our adversaries, he gestures far right. When meaning us – he uses the left side.

Thanks to Theyre heeeere at Twitter for noticing this amazing clue to what Sen. Blumenthal was truly talking about. Body language can give the game away so clearly that it MUST be used every chance we get. We were stymied until he made this call, now we all can plainly see that he’s referring to the immense threat in space from ALIENS or other phenomena.

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