Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan, a UFO investigator from Rochester, New YorkRichard is a UFO researcher and Rochester, New York native who hosts a weekly radio show on KGRA. Richard is an author, having written many books you can find at Amazon here.

Richard is a very well-known researcher, and is sometimes seen as the voice of reason when things get too ridiculous.

Education: Graduate degree at the University of Rochester

Richard started out trying to resolve the question whether UFOs were a concern to the US Government. Once satisfied, he delved into the subject and is currently involved in speculation about all sorts of UFO and Alien subjects.

Richard came up with the idea of a breakaway civilization. He believes there is a small group who, on their own, somehow manages the technology and manufacturing of space vehicles. This group is untouchable, having vast resources and contacts. They are enjoying the benefits of technology back-engineered from crashed alien vehicles, and are not sharing the technology.

He has a publishing company – Richard Dolan Press, which publishes his books and those of other authors.

Richard was my ‘go to’ guy for his commentary on the state of the situation for years. Eventually, as all researchers do, he started entertaining ideas which were so far out there that I lost respect for him as a researcher. His company published a book about the weirdness of owls. He interviewed the author, and the whole idea just threw me. I moved on to find someone else. Currently, my main resource is Grant Cameron.