Richard C. Doty

Richard Doty interview about UFO disinformation regarding top-secret US craft and technology.
Richard C. Doty Air Force Office of Special Investigation, Kurtland Air Force Base.

Richard C. Doty was a U.S. Air Force intelligence officer for ten years starting in 1978. His job was to throw disinformation into news and events regarding UFO sightings and abductions. Typically he would attempt to muddy-the-water when it came to reports of classified objects (craft, aircraft) being seen by the general public. His job was to sway people into believing the objects they saw were UFO-related, when in fact they were part of the US military arsenal that had to be kept away from the Soviets and other countries.

Cognitive Dissonance Over Past Operations?

What most in the UFO field associate Doty with is his disinformation campaign with Paul Bennewitz, one individual who over time was led to believe his sightings were of extraterrestrial craft – largely due to Richard Doty’s efforts to convince the man and redirect him away from top-secret military programs. the man eventually was driven mad had to be hospitalized.

In a blanket statement toward the end of the video below, Doty says the following.

I don’t regret doing anything I did. I was ordered to do it. Everything I did was sanctioned by the US Government. I did what I was told to do, when I was told to, and how I was told to do it. Were there things not morally right in my mind? There were things, if I had a choice, I probably wouldn’t have done. But, I had a job to do.

3/31/2019 — Simeon Hein, PhD Interviews Richard Doty (Huge Revelations)

The following are notes I took during a video (scroll down to see in full) Dr. Simeon Hein posted on YouTube earlier this year. Fantastic revelations make this one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen with someone ‘in the know.’ Unfortunately, because of Doty’s past career, we need to look at this with a lot of skepticism, but if even 10% of what he said is the truth, it’s worth it to watch.

1978 – Richard Doty joins USAF and eventually works with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).

1980’s Richard was investigating an abduction and the operation was taken over by a group from the DIA whose function was abduction investigations. It was first he heard of that there was such an organization. Highly compartmentalized groups studying the phenomena are often clueless that others like them exist.

“Crashes are real. Abductions are a real thing.”

In Roswell, 2 crashes happened and were real. One in 1947, and the other in 1949. Same group of aliens called “Ebens” (aka Greys). They are non-violent and are explorers. One of these Ebens was kept alive in captivity from 1947-1952. It was from Zeta Reticuli star system.

There are 9 species of aliens identified. This was in 1978-79, so maybe has changed.

A real UFO crashed in Canada near a radar site (Dooline site?) in 1959.

Dr. Hein: Where are most of these craft coming from?
Doty: I wasn’t briefed on everything.

President Reagan was VERY interested in the topic and was fully briefed. Doty states that a group of military officers was abducted and TORTURED. This was one of the prime motivating factors in Reagan’s Star Wars Initiative. Very concerned about hostile aliens.

The United States has launched “Deep-space” satellites that look for alien craft in our solar system.

There are several hostile groups of aliens.

Dr. Hein asked if the satellites and Star Wars program was put in place to protect us from the hostile aliens. Doty said there’s “not much we can do about it.” They are 5,000 to 7,000 years more advanced than us.

Doty worked 10 years for Dr. Hal Puthoff. He also worked at Area 51. He states that though working in the same room with other CIA operatives, he didn’t know what they were working on, and he wasn’t to share what he was working on. HIGHLY compartmentalized, and possibly so stovepiped that the study of the phenomenon suffered.

Some of the craft he knows about had a different propulsion system. It works in the Quantum Vacuum.

Some craft can morph from solid to liquid and back again. Not sure if this is fact or what he observed in a military video he explains that was shot by a military person at Kitty Hawk in 2004-2005 timeframe.

We couldn’t figure out the propulsion system, so we put an experimental nuclear propulsion system into a UFO craft and flew it around for a few weeks in Nevada. Then had issues when tried to fly it elsewhere.

So, is any of the above true? It’s hard to say. Did he really work for Hal Puthoff for 10 years?

Many in the UFO field are horrified at Richard Doty’s actions while involved in the Paul Bennewitz case. For balance, here’s an article that presents some of the negative aspects.

Simeon Hein’s Interview with Richard Doty in March 2019

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