Not Anti-Gravity… Just Strong Magnetic Fields

Strong magnetic fields may be responsible for UFO behavior. Advanced propulsion is not necessary with the use of exceptionally strong magnetic current.

Okay this is something that I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks. I actually had a thought about it last year but I overlooked it for some other more common explanations.

The idea that alien craft are flying around our skies in antigravity machines is something that UFO believers are firmly convinced is happening. I’d like to offer another explanation or possibility.

To me, it seems much more likely that beyond what we can see in typical UFO encounters is another larger craft somewhere above the smaller UFOs.There have been both types of sightings, massive craft that are hundreds of meters or perhaps miles long, and other smaller craft that are usually 40 feet or 70 feet across or something on this scale.

UPDATE 7/18/2018 – Mauricio Ruiz has come out with a video showing the effects of magnets locking in space a superconductive disc. Looks an awful lot like what I’m talking about. Imagine an alien race not needing to cool the superconductor…

If it is true that there are both sizes of craft in our skies, then my hypothesis makes a lot more sense. Isn’t it possible that a very large craft high in our atmosphere, or even just out of our atmosphere, is controlling with magnetic beams the smaller alien craft?

Of course these beams would have to be very strong in order to manipulate the UFOs that we see flying at incredible speeds, but given the angle of the beam from a ship further up in the air, it is probably quite doable.

Isn’t that far more likely than what some of the other people are proposing in regards to antigravity craft?

Is it possible that these alien craft are not really alien at all and that somebody on earth has the power to produce very strong magnetic fields which can pull the saucers through the air?

That just blows the whole extraterrestrial hypothesis out of the air doesn’t?

It appears that very strong magnetic fields could be created to control something like a small saucer. If we focused on building something like that here on earth to suspend saucers in the air, I’ll bet that we could accomplish it in a relatively short time. Say one or two years.

The energy needed to do such a thing would be extreme, sure. But I don’t think it would even be outside of our capability to do so today. I’m speaking about doing so from the ground up. Shooting a magnetic beam up to repel and attract the saucer from land-based or sea-based systems.

If instead, we focused on doing this from the air, and using a larger plane or ship or device in orbit to control our man-made saucer here on earth – couldn’t we acccomplish that within five or ten years?

Isn’t it quite possible that we have already done this over the past 40-50 years?

Is it possible that another country like China or the USSR has already created something like this? Why not? Electromagnetics is no secret to any country.

What would be the benefit in a country doing this? Scare the rest of the world? Rule the rest of the world?

I didn’t think about this idea before today, but what if the aliens have established a base on the moon and they can create a magnetic beam that can reach Earth and guide saucers around the earth rather easily?

It seems like that would be something that humans could do within 10 or 20 years. Surely it isn’t beyond advanced civilizations.

I think I read last year that the U.S. Navy has a rail-gun that is operated by electromagnetic fields that can propel an explosive warhead something like 5,000 mi./h.

Is it possible that we have today the technological know-how in order to create a saucer system like people are seeing in the skies?

I think the idea of antigravity is not going to be proven here on earth anytime soon. We already HAVE mastery to some degree of strong electromagnetic fields.

Whether it is possible in the future or not is just a matter of speculation.

Levitating Animals with Magnets? Cattle? Humans? Frogs?

UPDATE 9/28/2018 – just found this article… FROGS, grasshoppers, and fish were levitated. With a strong enough magnet, HUMANS can be levitated? CATTLE raised up into an alien craft? YES.

Apparently, the animals tested were not harmed in any discernible way and acted normally after the experiments.

  • MOVIE 1 – Frog floating in magnetic field
  • MOVIE 2 – Tomato floating
  • MORE movies of insects and other things floating in magnetic fields.
  • Read THIS article >
  • and THIS one – a PDF download from Physics Today (1998)
  • and THIS one >
  • and THIS one >
  • Levitating fruit flies HERE >
  • Levitating mice HERE >

More reading about magnetic fields levitating animals here:

Simon, M.D., Geim, A.K.,. Diamagnetic Levitation: Flying Frogs and Floating Magnets (Invited), Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 87, Number 9, Pages 6200-6204, May 2000

Simon, M.D., Heflinger, L.O., and Geim, A.K., Diamagnetically Stabilized Magnet Levitation, American Journal of Physics, Volume 69, Number 6, Pages 702-713, Jun 2001

References for article about magnets levitating frogs and other animals. People effects.

It would seem to be far beyond our capabilities at the present. Not only that, it would seem to be a much greater task than simply creating strong magnetic Fields.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Not Anti-Gravity… Just Strong Magnetic Fields

  • August 29, 2020 at 8:27 pm

    You are talking about the quantum locking and levitation of type 2 superconductors in strong magnetic fields. No such technology exists at scale; the energy required to produce this is massive, enough for 100T magnets with superconductors that apparently do not need to be cooled by liquid nitrogen. It’s also worth noting that supersonic velocities have been observed with no sonic boom whatsoever. All of this argues against magnetic levitation.

    • August 31, 2020 at 12:11 am

      If the tech is supposed to be human, then not having the tech is a possibility. If from The Others, or any AI-enabled group, that tech is surely within grasp. Also, at that level of technological know-how, canceling sonic booms must be child’s play.


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