May 2019 UFO / Alien Disclosure News

May 2019 UFO News Update Video

Today is May 29, 2019. We have had a massive amount of information about UFOs released from different channels. Follow the curated links below to watch the important videos and read the earth-shaking articles that were released this month.

Pentagon Admits UFO / UAP Studies

On May 22, 2019, Chris Sherwood, spokesperson for the US Pentagon admitted the government has studied UFOs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – UAPs) with the AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) based at the Pentagon. This is a groundbreaking statement because for decades before, since Project Bluebook, the official word has been that the US Government does NOT investigate the phenomenon any longer.

UFO disclosure is quite obviously happening now, without a doubt in our opinion.

East Coast USA Pilots Report UFOs “Almost Daily”

On May 26, the New York Times released an article by Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal, and Leslie Kean about a massive number of UAP sightings along the east coast of the USA by our military personnel over 2014-2015 for nearly an entire YEAR. The frequency mentioned was “ALMOST DAILY.” Capabilities of unidentified craft were similar to Tic Tac incident with the USS Nimitz in 2004. Appearance varied from Tic Tac shaped craft as with the Nimitz event, to “Cubes within Spheres.” Here are some cubes in crop circles. Is there a message here?

UFO / UAP Articles about Frequent East Coast Sightings

UNIDENTIFIED Series on History Channel Begins 31 May at 10:03 pm. EST

The series featuring Luis Elizondo from AATIP and other members of the group is due to air on May 31 with 6 episodes that will bring a lot of new information to the public. As a result of this series, new pilots who have seen UAPs have been identified and interviewed. Show page is here.

Alejandro Rojas, a well-known UFO researcher has released some short video teasers of interview bits with a pilot from the 2014-2015 East Coast incidents. Video 1 with Chris Mellon, Video 2 with Lts. Danny Accoin and Ryan Graves, Video 3 with Lt. Ryan Graves.

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