Luis Elizondo’s Most Interesting Quotes

Luis Elizondo is a member of To the Stars Academy, a UFO disclosure advocacy group.

I’ve been fascinated by everything Luis Elizondo has said since leaving the AATIP (Advance Aerial Threat Identification Program) in 2017 and going on to join To The Stars Academy.

Why is Luis Elizondo so FASCINATING?

Luis Elizondo is one of a handful of people on the face of earth that knows about UFOs and possibly aliens. I mean really knows. For years he was the guy taking the reports and investigating them. So many things he says are direct hints for us to delve into and try to figure out what he’s talking about. I LOVE to get a new interview or talk because there is gold in every one. The following are some of the quotes from Luis that I found mind blowing.

Luis Elizondo’s Most Fascinating Quotes

Anyway, here are the quotes, and they are followed by my comments and analysis about the implications of what he’s saying.

Luis Elizondo Quote #1

“So, if we experience everything through this tiny little optic, everything we’ve built, everything we’ve learned, every emotion, love, fear, hate, every experience as a human being is through this tiny little moment of space-time as we’re moving forward.

What if there were other species or even humans, where their understanding of the present, that optic, that spark, is maybe a little bit bigger?

Maybe that optic is a little bit wider. Rather than being a point, maybe it’s a range. Maybe the understanding of the present isn’t a point, but it’s a range, and maybe there’s elements of the future and the past that are experienced as the present, and, therefore, what we perceive as linear space-time maybe others don’t.

In fact, maybe these are things that have lived here forever, before us. Maybe, we share the space with them.

So to say that things are from outer space or inner space – there’s a lot of different options, a lot of variables.

So we can speculate all day long where these things are from, but until we have more data, we have no idea. People say, well, if they’re not from here, they must be from over there. Well, not necessarily. They could be from anywhere, and I’m not a smart enough man to tell you or the readers that they are from outer space, because, frankly, I don’t
know and I could be wrong.”


Luis’ #2 Quote from a video on Youtube from iVolveTV (

“I believe we are on the precipice of understanding a little bit more about our place in the cosmic neighborhood. And, I think that should be exciting and thrilling. We must remain cautious and diligent. But I’m not sure we necessarily need to be afraid. Concerned? Sure, I’ll buy that. Afraid? I don’t think so.”

Quote #3

“We’re at step 4 and these things are at step 30, or 300!” While talking to Steve Justice on the 6th episode of Unidentified on the History Channel.

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