Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo is a member of To the Stars Academy, a UFO disclosure advocacy group.
Luis Elizondo, retired head of AATIP

Position at To the Stars Academy: Director of Global Security & Special Programs

Luis is a career intelligence officer who has worked with the US Army, DOD, National Counterintelligence. He also holds a number of patents.

Regarding UFOs, Luis managed the sensitive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program focusing on unidentified aerial threats and their technologies, primarily UFOs (UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena).

Education: Degree not known. Studied microbiology, immunology, and parasitology.

Luis is one of the team (the MAIN team member at this point – 12/25/2017) who released the pilots near the USS Nimitz video from the Pentagon – got it declassified – and released to the New York Times and some other newspapers on D-Day – 16 December 2017.

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Luis Elizondo’s Articles at – New Conversations

1. Want to Be a Better Problem Solver? Stop Thinking in Black and White.

Not everything is binary. In this article, Luis tries to get us to wrap our heads around the idea that not everything is binary. Not everything is a polar opposite. Looking at the phenomenon doesn’t need to be this way OR that way, it could be something else. He stresses the need to look between the two extremes. The most telling quote of the article comes at the end where he says…

UAPs are perhaps the greatest enigma we face in our modern times. As such, it is imperative we approach the issue with objectivity and open-mindedness in order that we don’t prematurely rule out a possible origin. Ultimately, this mystery may not have an either-or answer and may truly be far more bizarre than we ever thought possible.

We’ll never really know all the possible answers until we consider exploring the gray areas between black and white.

2. Enter The Quantum World: What the Mechanics Of Subatomic Particles Mean for the Study of UAP, Our Universe, and Beyond

This article is absolutely filled with mind-blowing information and ideas. Luis touches on teleportation, quantum entanglement, faster than light travel, and a new physics, or a stretching of physics to include such far-out things as remote viewing and precognition.

His quote at the end of the article was revealing about what he thinks is coming soon for the world…

AATIP (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program) succeeded where others failed simply because our understanding of the physics finally caught up to our observations.

Now, equipped with more information than ever before, we’re on the precipice of some serious revelations and discoveries about our place in the universe.

3. Everything in Science is Paranormal. Until It Isn’t.

In this piece, Elizondo is hoping to bring us to a new understanding of the UFO phenomenon by comparing it to ideas of the past that were first laughed at, then persecuted, then accepted as fact. He wants to normalize the concept of the paranormal. The word ‘supernatural’ has a connotation of unexplained, but many things once considered supernatural have been explained and accepted as fact. As our reality. Luis believes the UFO phenomenon will follow the same path and he urges us to attempt to see the big picture.

4. What We Know and What We Believe Are Not Always the Same Thing. Here’s How Our Perception of Fact Influences Our Worldview

In this one, Elizondo describes different levels of knowledge and belief. He talks around the situation where his predecessor at AATIP had his career ruined because of some members of the US Congress insisting on believing the UFO phenomenon was related to ‘demons.’

At the end of the article, he provides another excellent quote related to the phenomena we are witnessing today and trying desperately to understand…

But whether you’re talking about “witches,” government policies, religion, or anomalies in the sky, it’s critical that we learn how to distinguish between fact and belief.

The only thing worse than lacking knowledge is attempting to make decisions based on a false belief.

Humans have only been able to accomplish all that we have because we are able to receive and process new information, and adapt to new realities. As for the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, we have a choice. We can allow our beliefs to fill in the gaps or we can continue to doggedly pursue data in hopes that what we know informs what we believe.

5. Why Social Stigma About Unexplained Phenomena Holds Humanity Back

Stigma results in a paralysis of communication. Of understanding. Luis talks about trying to overcome the massive stigma blocking our minds from accepting the evidence that is right in front of our faces regarding the UFO phenomena.

When I was assigned Director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), my colleagues and I experienced enough to know with absolute certainty that UAPs exist. Furthermore, they don’t seem to care if whether or not we believe in them and they are here with or without our permission.

His closing paragraphs put the problem in perspective and bring it home.

As a species, it’s crucial to understand the things we can’t explain, in order to survive. And that means being open to new ideas, possibilities, and data. It’s always been this way, dating back to when mankind lived in caves. If you heard something roaming outside, you had to investigate. If you didn’t, you and your family would be unaware of a potential predator.

At the same time, an animal wandering around outside your cave could also mean food, which would keep your family alive so they could then flourish. If you stayed in the cave and never ventured outside, you might survive the night but probably not in the long run.

When it comes to UFOs, ignoring the unknown is similarly harmful because it might mean failing to seize upon opportunities and new understandings.

6. Why Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Are A National Security Risk And Also An Opportunity For Progress

In this interesting article, Luis Elizondo takes us through his reasoning that a threat means that the opportunity for something to do harm – exists. In the case of UAP, though most have been benign, there is the chance at any time for them to become hostile and cause us harm. The threat exists because it’s possible.

Likewise, the intentions of UAPs haven’t been made clear to us at this point. There could be a number of reasons for their presence, ranging from peaceful curiosity to a probe for battlespace preparation. The possibilities are numerous.

Luis Elizondo

Nuclear and Water Congruencies?

At a conference held in Italy (Centro Ufologico Nazionale – CUN), Luis Elizondo said something interesting but didn’t elaborate. In fact, this isn’t just something he has thought about and found to be important, it’s he and his “colleagues.”

Elizondo: My colleagues and I during the time of AATIP were very confident that these are certainly intelligently controlled. Now whether that means there’s something inside it or it’s something remote controlled like a UAV, both are still options. As far as patterns are concerned? Yes, there are absolute patterns that exist. At this point, I’m only prepared to vaguely refer to perhaps the potential of nuclear and water. And not necessarily having to be related: nuclear and water. But there are some patterns there and I’m not prepared to go into any more detail than that at this point. But there are some congruencies.

from Joe Murgia’s transcription of the video. Entire transcription found here. Video found here.

Luis Elizondo Videos about UAP / UFO Phenomena

In the video below – Mr. Elizondo breaks down exactly what he believes, and what the entire group investigating this phenomenon believe. Listen here >.

Here’s the entire video below. Glen Beck interrupts him right at the most important thing he has said on the subject in 9 days since it was released. Listen closely at 6mins 32secs.

In the following video, Luis must be releasing the most important information he has. Listen to him ask questions about what does it mean to be ‘human’. He asks if it just means that we’re flesh and blood. That we think for ourselves. That we walk on two legs. Being human is one of the easiest things we can feel and understand innately and yet one of the most difficult things to describe. Then he pontificates if mankind isn’t just singular, but MANKINDS, plural. What about emotions like love and emotions are not necessarily unique human traits and possibly other beings in the galaxy can experience that too. Maybe those traits are not unique to us!

Outrageous information coming out here in this Luis Elizondo video. Don’t miss it.

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