Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo is a member of To the Stars Academy, a UFO disclosure advocacy group.Luis Elizondo

Position at To the Stars Academy: Director of Global Security & Special Programs

Luis is a career intelligence officer who has worked with the US Army, DOD, National Counterintelligence. He also holds a number of patents.

Regarding UFOs, Luis managed a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial threats and their technologies.

Education: Degree not known. Studied microbiology, immunology and parasitology.

Luis is one of the team (the MAIN team member at this point – 12/25/2017) who released the pilots near the USS Nimitz video from the Pentagon – got it declassified – and released to the New York Times and some other newspapers on D-Day – 16 December 2017.

In this video – he breaks down exactly what he believes, and what the entire group investigating this phenomenon believe. Listen here >. Here’s the entire video below. Glen Beck interrupts him right at the most important thing he has said on the subject in 9 days since it was released. Listen closely at 6mins 32secs.