Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo is a member of To the Stars Academy, a UFO disclosure advocacy group.Luis Elizondo

Position at To the Stars Academy: Director of Global Security & Special Programs

Luis is a career intelligence officer who has worked with the US Army, DOD, National Counterintelligence. He also holds a number of patents.

Regarding UFOs, Luis managed a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial threats and their technologies.

Education: Degree not known. Studied microbiology, immunology and parasitology.

Luis is one of the team (the MAIN team member at this point – 12/25/2017) who released the pilots near the USS Nimitz video from the Pentagon – got it declassified – and released to the New York Times and some other newspapers on D-Day – 16 December 2017.

In this video – he breaks down exactly what he believes, and what the entire group investigating this phenomenon believe. Listen here >. Here’s the entire video below. Glen Beck interrupts him right at the most important thing he has said on the subject in 9 days since it was released. Listen closely at 6mins 32secs.

In the following video, Luis must be releasing the most important information he has. Listen to him ask questions about what does it mean to be ‘human’. He asks if it just means that we’re flesh and blood. That we think for ourselves. That we walk on two legs. Being human is one of the easiest things we can feel and understand innately and yet one of the most difficult things to describe. Then he pontificates if mankind isn’t just singular, but MANKINDS, plural. What about emotions like love and emotions are not necessarily unique human traits and possibly other beings in the galaxy can experience that too. Maybe those traits are not unique to us!

Outrageous information coming out here in this Luis Elizondo video. Don’t miss it.

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