Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich, US Navy

Lt. Commander Alex Anne Dietrich of the US Navy. She's a Navy fighter pilot and instructor.

On September 11, 2018, “Alien Protocols’ was posting on Twitter that he found some inside information about another participant (pilot) in the USS NIMITZ TIC TAC UFO Case off the coast of San Diego. Apparently, he is convinced that this woman, Alex Dietrich, who is currently an instructor at the US Naval Academy, was part of this TIC TAC UFO incident.

I have asked for clarification to see if the guy with the Alien Protocol account can provide a source for this revelation. Perhaps she came out on her own and is now talking about her involvement. That would be great!

Also implicated in the event were two others who are likely Navy pilots as reflected in the use of their nicknames: James “Clean” Slaight possibly in North Carolina, and Josh “Noodle” Appezato, possibly in California.

2 thoughts on “Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich, US Navy

  • July 16, 2019 at 2:07 am

    This is absolutely accurate. PBS did a documentary called CARRIER that was gone on the Nimitz right in the same time frame of that indecent. The connection comes from being in the same Air Wing as Commander David Fravor at the same time during the same deployment. Very easy to put two and two together.

  • January 25, 2020 at 6:32 am

    She showed up on the History’s show “Unidentified” in shadows. But her voice and hairstyle is a dead match. I do hope she comes out publicly eventually.


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