Light Bubble Through Hotel Window Turns into White Sphere Orb

I’ve had two mind-blowing experiences in my lifetime. This is one of them. You can read about the other here.

I was traveling by myself for a couple of days here in Thailand. I paid for my room at the Liam Sai hotel in Surat Thani province in Southern Thailand and walked up the stairs. I hated to use the elevator in a small hotel.

Watch the video I shot immediately afterward, then come back and read the rest of this where I add many more details.

I walked in and it was great. I’d stayed in this hotel for at least a half-dozen times before. It’s always clean, and super-basic. Just enough for me while traveling without my family.

I ate my pizza on the bed as I browsed the internet. The room was warm. I turned on the air conditioner above the window.

It was after 5 pm. I finished the pizza. I had a drink of orange juice from a sealed bottle.

I was browsing Craigslist Thailand. The air conditioner started to make a surging noise. As if power surges were pulsing through it. I looked up, half-expecting to see flames or smoke. It seemed as if it was surging strong, then lapsing without much power. Over and over, this happened.

I watched for twenty seconds and figured it needed a minute to get going the right way.

I went back to the computer.

In less than a minute the sound abated and the air conditioner sounded normal. I was comfortable and not sleepy. I was in a good mood. I saw something bright catch my eye either outside the lower left corner of the window, or actually in the window.

I figured lightning. I looked over there and saw what looked like a white laser light, but thicker, sort of dancing in the window. Part of it was outside the window, part seemed to be inside the window itself. The shape was chaotic, just like scribble in a child’s notebook, but in a tight form about 1 foot across (roughly).

As I watched, the light began coming into the room past the glass. Part was in the glass, and maybe part was still outside, it was hard to tell, but I could definitely see that some of these curved light lines were coming into the room through the closed window. It appeared they came right through the glass.

Nothing made sense still. Then I tied the light together with the sound of the air conditioner. I figured there was some electrical problem. There were no wires at all in that corner of the window though.

I just watched as more of the curved squiggly lines of light came into the window and formed a bubble of light that was long, like a child dips a plate-sized plastic ring in a dish of liquid dish-soap and makes a long translucent bubble. This was a long bubble of light like that which grew to around a meter (39 inches) in length through the window and into the room. It was a long blob with the rounded portion on the left and leading the rest of the bubble through the window and into the room.

It came about 1 meter into the room and the front section stopped while the back section caught up to it and it slowly turned into a sphere that was at first imperfect, but then perfected itself and turned into the most stunning white color I’ve ever seen.

I cannot describe what was odd about the color of light except I remember thinking that this is the purest white I have ever seen. I tried to imagine snow white and it was whiter in a different way than that.

The sphere was luminous. It was light. It wasn’t like it was lit inside and the light came to the surface. It was just as if the sphere was white light itself.

The sphere moved toward me and up. It stopped about 1.5 meters (4-5 feet) from my face. I was in exactly the same position andfascinated at what was happening and I didn’t want to move and have the sphere go away. I wanted to look at it and take in the details of the event.

It hovered there as I stared without moving. I looked at the sphere’s qualities. It was evenly lit. Perfectly evenly lit. It was perfectly white. It was perfectly round. It did not bounce in the air at all, it was perfectly still. There was no roiling inside. There was no heat or cold coming off it. There was no smell. There was no noise. There were no sparkles or any pattern whatsoever in the sphere.

I attempted to discern the edges of the sphere as I stared, and could not. The edges were perfectly smooth and yet I couldn’t see the point at which the sphere stopped and the background of the room began. My mind wasn’t able to focus on the edges of the sphere for some reason. They weren’t blurry at all. There was no fuzziness to it. Just odd.

The experience consisted of me staring at it and it doing absolutely nothing at all. There was no thought put into my head that I was aware of. There was no fear in me. There was just a curiosity about this thing.

As I stared, at some point I realized the sphere wasn’t there any longer. It was just gone.

That was the weirdest thing because I didn’t see it go anywhere. It didn’t shrink down and disappear. It didn’t go out the window or slip under the door. I searched the room with my eyes thinking maybe it moved. No, it wasn’t in the room.

Then I frantically searched the room for it, and dove behind the bed because my mind started working again and I thought I must have experienced ball lightning. I cowered behind the bed for a few minutes before deciding to get the hell out of the room. I ran out the door, leaving it wide open, and ran down the steps to the front desk.

I asked the stafff if they had ever heard of a ghost in the room I was in. They both looked freaked-out. Ghosts are nothing to joke about in Thailand. They were both bothered by my question. They shook their heads no.

I wondered, could I sleep on the chair in the lobby there with other people? Would they mind?

I realized my computer and all money and everything was up in the room with the door wide open.

I ran back up the stairs to the fifth floor room and peaked in.

It looked the same as when I left.

That was basically it. The weirdest part was not knowing how the ball was not in the room in front of my face when I was staring at it intently. I am missing at least a second or two of time. Possibly some minutes or tens of minutes. I could not ascertain how many minutes had passed, but I do remember it got dark outside faster than I thought it should have.

I looked up ball lightning and read over 600 reports by other people of light orbs they saw in their homes, car, or outside somewhere. There wasn’t even one experience that matched mine. The quality of light of the sphere, the perfectness of the sphere, the silence, the perfect stillness, the missing time, all of these were nothing like the other experiences.

Do I think I was contacted by aliens?

I was contacted by something. What it was, I haven’t the slightest idea. It didn’t appear to do any harm. Except that for the past 7 years (this happened in 2013) I have been obsessed with finding out more about the phenomenon. Obsessed to the point of creating this website and tweeting on Twitter near daily.

I think it’s likely I’ll write a book about people’s experiences with orbs this year.

Other Orb or ball lightning experiences people have reported to me:

AJ Ceravolo 6 years ago I was scared by an eerie encounter with a blue light that entered my bedroom through the window at night. I remember it so vividly. I was 13 years old when this experience occurred which scared me half to death, and I vowed to always remember it. It was sometime after 8:00 pm and I had just come home from saxophone lessons.  

While getting out of my father’s truck I noticed that the night sky was pitch black.  Noticing it and thinking “damn, looks like a thunderstorm is going to start any minute,” I rushed inside and upstairs into my bedroom to put my sax away. I closed my bedroom door almost all the way, flipped the wall switch on, and the lamp on top of my dresser came on.  

As I emptied my pockets onto the dresser, some sort of flash or movement outside the bedroom window to my left caught my eye enough that made me look directly out the window.  I looked for just a moment and thought that my eyes were playing tricks. At the very instant that I turned back to what I was doing, I got intense goosebumps all over my body, and the lamp on my dresser went out.  I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up as the room went dark.  

As I reached for the switch on the lamp I was again startled by a flash out of the corner of my eye towards the window and turned to look again, only this time there was something there.

Outside the window, there was a pulsating sphere orb of blue light about 1 foot in diameter. About the size of a basketball.  It was such a luminescent blue light that I was both captivated by its beauty and scared to death at the same time. The Sphere of light seemed to be boiling from the inside, similar to what the surface of the sun looks like, only blue.  

I was so scared that I don’t think I even tried to move, I was frozen in place by fear and somehow in awe of the vivid blue light, as well as the boiling effect it seemed to possess. For a moment the Blue orb of light remained motionless, then suddenly it moved toward the window seemingly intent on approaching me, and somehow moved through the glass of the window into my room. 

It took several seconds to pass through the glass, and as it did the sphere of light fluctuated, as if the seemingly boiling surface of the object had reacted to contact with the glass. At this point, my adrenaline was through the roof, and fight or flight was going through my mind, however I hesitated because my first thought was to throw a punch at this thing if it got any closer.  

Quickly concluding that even simply touching this thing may cause harm to me, my mind raced to the option of running like hell.  I did not run, I was still so afraid that I stood perfectly still somehow thinking that by all means I should not do anything to provoke this thing.  Once the sphere had completely moved through the window and entered my room, it dissipated into a band of light of exactly the same color about 1 foot wide  on the floor, walls, and ceiling forming a ring of light around the room.  

Accompanied by a loud electric hum which had subsonic overtones that actually made my body vibrate, the band of light started at the window side of the room where it had entered and moved across the room at about 2 or 3 feet per second with the hum.  

The light traveled across the entire room much like the bar of light on a photocopy machine, reaching me and continuing on to the wall on the opposite side of the room where I am guessing it just disappeared. I am not sure because as I remained perfectly still I did not even turn to look behind me as this thing had traveled past my position and out of my view. The sound was gone too, and there was nothing to see at the window.    

There was a peculiar smell afterward, which the only thing that I can reference that odor to is the air that comes out of my ionic breeze air purifier. My only guess is that this phenomenon had electrical properties that ionized the air in the room. I was so scared that when the light and hum were gone I was still frozen in place for a few seconds.  

I rushed to the light switch on the wall, flipped it off then on, and the lamp on my dresser did not come back on.  I ran to the stairs, slid down them on my behind, and ran into the living room hysterically crying to my mother asking her “what the hell just happened?”.

After she said that she did not see or hear anything I described what I had just experienced.  She told me that based on my description, it may have been ball lightning.  If it was ball lightning, I do consider myself lucky to be alive, however either way I consider myself unique, because I doubt that many people have experienced such a strange incident so up close and personal.  

I don’t know what it was, but I know that it was there because I saw it with my own two eyes. The light bulb in the lamp on my dresser was burnt out.  This is an experience I could never forget, as I have not ever before or since this incident been so afraid in my life.

Mina V.
3 years ago When I was a little girl my mother told me of her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico. She would tell me tales of being terrified of a blue light that she would see traveling over the valley where she grew up in the mountains. This blue ball would travel in the sky, fall to the ground and grow to an enormous size then suddenly explode.

She said it came into her home once when she was alone and she ran to hide from it because was absolutely terrified. People used to say it was associated with a person who had died because they had no explanation for it. We now know it’s associated with lightening but my poor mom was born in 1935 so you can imagine her circumstances living on a little humble farm in between mountains, it was completely unexplainable.

She came to live in America in the late 50s and returned home to visit once in the 60s with her sister. She said her sister was sitting on the back porch to a home in the same area and called her over to see one of the ball lightning orbs traveling over the treetops. My mom said she yanked her sister inside and said, “Are you crazy!?”

She described her experiences so vividly that as a child I wrote stories about it in school and scared the heck out of my classmates (lol). To this day I have been looking on Youtube for stories about the blue light.

Yours has been the most accurate sounding description in similarity to my mother’s experiences. I’m glad you and my mom were both ok considering that true nature and danger of what you both experienced. With the number of cameras in the world increasing exponentially, whether cell cams, web cams, security cams etc, we’re bound to catch it in the act sooner or later. Thanks for sharing your awesome story.

4 years ago My husband and I experienced something similar. The difference is that we didn’t hear a thing when it happened. We both were asleep in bed and my husband woke up and just saw the ball of light at the foot of our bed. He said he saw it came out through the wall of the closet in front of the mirror and it just stayed there.

He tried waking me up but I am a heavy sleeper. He said it was their for a good 5 minutes just floating. When I woke up I saw it there pulsating in a hovering manner. I could feel it looking at me and my husband.

It was just a tad bit smaller than a volleyball. The color was white but it had a very slight pink and purple tint to it. You could see through it just barely. There was a white ball in the middle of it and it was a bright white. Not blinding you just couldn’t see through it.

The outer shell (if that is what you want to call it) was also brighter then the inside. Just like orbs you see in pictures but way bigger. I also didn’t feel any fear with it but I could FEEL it looking at us. Like it was just curious about us as we were with it.

It lasted for 10 minutes. We just sat up on our bed just looking at it. I thought of getting the camera and my husband mentioned it too but we just didn’t want to make any sudden moves and scare it away. We kind of hoped it did something more than to just pulsate.

We were able to talk to each other about it and pointed at it a few times with out it flinching or moving away. But after those 10 minutes it started to slowly fade out and slowly move away behind the mirror.

I know it wasn’t a reflection of anything because we have only a small window that was covered by big thick curtains. Also it was tucked in a corner where light wouldn’t be able to make a reflection of any kind.

We also lived out in the country at the time so no cars going by or street lights. Neither did we have lights in the room but the one on the ceiling and my computer that was off at the time. We didn’t have thunderstorms at the time either.

We never saw it again after that. As for the house possibly being haunted, there were times when I was home alone and felt the hallway a little scary to go through. But no thumps in the night or noises. It’s something interesting that we both got to experience together. I have looked online for a while to see if anyone else had similar experiences but never found anything. But came across your video on the suggestions side while I was looking at lightning strikes.

AE Anderson 5 years ago You were fortunate to have such an amazing experience! I must tell you that based on your description, I feel confident to say that what you saw is commonly known as an “orb”. As in “spirit orb”.

I don’t think it was a natural phenomenon at all. It was supernatural. I speak from experience. I have seen one of these and so has my husband. In 2010, I  awoke in the middle of the night after a horrifying nightmare to find one of these hovering directly in front of me in my bedroom.

It was the most shocking and amazing thing I have ever seen. I watched it for about four minutes. It didn’t frighten me at all, in fact, it made me feel very calm. Then it slowly disappeared, just faded out. I fell asleep within about 15 seconds, which never should have happened! I should have been up all night after that, but I wasn’t. 

Two years later, my husband saw one of these in our bedroom at 3:30 am on Nov. 19, 2012. It was after I prayed over him because he was feeling asthmatic. As soon as he turned out the light, there it was bobbing along right in front of him.

I didn’t see it, darn it! Only he saw it. He said it was about 8″ in diameter, perfectly round, China blue, cool-looking (temperature-wise), translucent, flat (two dimensional rather than globe-shaped), had a bright outer ring, a darker interior, and the interior had an undulating motion like a jellyfish. He witnessed it for about three seconds before it suddenly vanished. 

The orb I saw two years earlier was all white, flat, transparent, cold like the moon. It hovered in one place with an interior motion of undulation, like a slow-moving liquid. It had a large faint “halo” surrounding it.  It vanished very slowly. There was no sound or odor with either apparition.  Wow. Hey, lots of people have seen these things. You’re not the only one!

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