Joe Murgia

UFO phenomena researcher and cameraman, Joe Murgia.

There are some interesting UFO researchers on Twitter, but nobody has more interesting tweets on Twitter than Joe Murgia (@UFOJoe11). Apparently, Joe is a video cameraman who is often called on for projects involving people in the know about UFOs. I reached out to him today to get a bio, hopefully, I’ll add better information about the man here in a couple of days.

I wanted to highlight some recent posts by Joe at Twitter that I saw this morning.

Lue Elizondo Quotes re: UFO (UAP) interaction with us. From Joe Murgia's Twitter account.
I’m really interested in what Luis Elizondo is calling “provocations.” Could the actions be interpreted any differently? Especially when we have what are likely very different ways of thinking.
Joe Murgia's tweets re: UFOs (UAPs) interacting with military.
Of course, I’m also interested in this. Every advanced country in the world must have secret materials-science engineering taking place. It’s conceivable that any of them could have gone down a new track, with a new line of thought, that produced amazing advances in a certain area. These materials Lue calls “absolutely special” are not necessarily all that special unless made from materials nobody on earth has ever heard of, or ever made. Something to that degree is necessary to prove these are otherworldly.