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Jim Semivan from To the Stars Academy
Who Is Jim Semivan?

UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) are real. The Phenomenon is real. There is no way to deny or refute all the evidence accumulated over just the last few decades alone.

Position at To the Stars Academy: Vice President Operations

Jim Semivan is one of the co-founders of TTSA.

Work History:  CIA – senior intelligence service member where he worked as a consultant on classified projects.

Retired from the CIA’s Directorate of Operations after 25 years as an operations officer in the USA and international locations.

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State, MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University.

UFO / Alien Experience: Jim Semivan is an experiencer, along with his wife. They had an interaction with an alien being in their room about thirty years ago. Jim talks about it vaguely in his Forward to Tom’s “Sekret Machines” book. He says a lot more about how he got into the “Phenomenon” – he always capitalizes it.

I joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1983 and had a wonderful twenty-five-year career there, working briefly for the Directorate of Science and Technology and then later transferring to the Directorate of Operations, the clandestine service, for the bulk of my career where I served as an operations officer.

I was later promoted into the ranks of CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service. I bring this up for two reasons: full disclosure, and as background on how I approach the peculiar nature of the Phenomenon.

As an intelligence officer, I was taught that my primary job was to collect information—intelligence—for the president. And that the information I collected had to be well sourced and vetted thoroughly and properly. In other words, the information had to be as accurate and truthful as humanly possible. And this is the same approach I use when discussing the Phenomenon. Speculation is fine in and of itself, and when dealing with something as complex and extraordinary like the Phenomenon, speculation is more often than not all we have to work with.

But we must always label speculation as such and not muck up further what is already a vast and murky body of literature on the subject, much of which is barely intelligible.

I’ll go on, in another quote below, to show you that most of the higher-level guys who ‘probably’ know something about the Phenomenon are leaning toward explanations involving consciousness, and not just material craft and beings. They say there is a consciousness component to everything that is going on. Now, that’s a giant statement that means little until we get into it – but I’ll do that on another page. Here’s another quote from Jim Semivan re: Consciousness.

The Phenomenon seems to work on another level (consciousness, dimensions?) unknown to our science. A friend once remarked to me that it perhaps the Phenomenon seems to exist at the nexus of quantum mechanics and consciousness. If that is so, and I personally believe this may be a viable way forward, then our science needs to expand its horizons to include things beyond the quantifiable and replicable.

There have been scientific attempts to study the phenomenon that have failed miserably. It appears as Jim says in the second quote, that our science needs to expand to include things beyond the quantifiable. Beyond replicable. Well, that my friends, is the science we have here on earth. That is the highest truth for us. Sure, we can’t deny that these saucers are flying around, we have missing time, we have aliens abducting people, we have orbs floating through windows… we have all this.

Much of it CANNOT BE MEASURED. So where does that leave us? Scientists like Kaku, Neil Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and others just can’t believe anything about aliens until they see hard proof. Hard proof is hard to come by. In many cases, impossible to come by.

I had a white bubble of light come through my hotel window and form a perfect sphere of light in the room. How could I possibly prove that? There was no trace left. Nothing in the glass, no smell, no other witness, no burn marks, no melting of glass or anything in the room. I didn’t have my video recorder running. I have zero proof. It happened to me, I have zero doubt about that, but it isn’t replicable!

So, it may be a long time until we have actual physical proof of something. Hopefully, Jim Semivan and his buddies at To the Stars Academy are going to wow us with materials that float in the air when zapped with terahertz radiation. Hopefully, they’re going to show us hard radar evidence of craft doing Mach 10 or Mach 50. Hopefully, we’re going to have something that helps convince our hopelessly molded scientific minds to accept the truth of the matter. Hopefully, it comes quickly.

Sekret Machines Book Forward Written by Jim Semivan

This was very interesting, because Jim Semivan mentions the experience he had in his hotel room with his wife that defies explanation and that he directly attributes to the phenomenon. Following is part of his quote.

As for my formal introduction to the Phenomenon, as we know it in today’s context, it came suddenly and unexpectedly. I will not attempt to go into the experience here, but I will say that it was one of life’s game changers for both my wife and me. The experience was simultaneously frightening, perplexing, frustrating and absurd. It was also both physical and emotional, although I am undecided as to whether there was any spiritual addendum. Almost thirty years later, I am still not sure what to make of the experience. What I do know, however, is that this event changed my view of what constitutes our collective version of reality.

UAPs are real. The Phenomenon is real. There is no way to deny or refute all the evidence accumulated over just the last few decades alone. But what is the Phenomenon, exactly? What intruded, uninvited, into my life almost thirty years ago? Well, that is the quest Tom and To The Stars, Inc., are pursuing, pulling together a strong team of scientists, researchers and adventurers willing to venture into the unknowable for answers. We may stumble upon something that we should not have disturbed; then again, we may just fall headlong into a new realm of existence that has been hidden from us and has always been our birthright.

Jim Semivan, Sekret Machines by Tom Delonge and A J Hartley.

Jim Semivan Update: 12 June 2019

Jim Semivan has been VERY quiet over the past year. In the recent first two “Unidentified” shows on the History Channel, Jim Semivan’s name wasn’t mentioned at all and he did not make an appearance on the show.

Is Jim the one behind the recent (May/June 2019) document releases? Could he be pulling the strings behind the scenes to bring about Alien Disclosure? Possibly. Time will tell.


“The Phenomenon seems to work on another level (consciousness, dimensions?) unknown to our science. A friend once remarked to me that perhaps the Phenomenon seems to exist at the nexus of quantum mechanics and consciousness.”

— Jim Semivan Former CIA Operations Officer

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2 thoughts on “Jim Semivan | TTSA

  • October 12, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    Hello my name is Celeste, I have had my experiences I won’t go into them here. If you would like to know about them you can let me know. I’m not sure how to address this I guess I will be blunt and make it simple.

    Can you get a message to the Nimitz people, please tell them as an experiencer something I know can’t prove… tell them their encounter will stay with them forever, they will question Everything. They may even have some other odd experiences.

    I know this may sound a little crazy, and just to let you know I’m a very skeptical person, I really like when things make sense, however, when you truly encounter these craft or whatever they are, it makes you question Everything.

    I could go on and on and I know you are busy. Please if you can let the tic tac people know that others are out there not crazy people just everyday people who have had their encounters. I believe the government knows a bit about them… key word a bit

    How can they tell us?

    What are they going to say?

    We the American military does not control our airspace?

    Thank you for listening, also, in my opinion, THEY whoever THEY are, are in control.

    Bless you, Celeste

    • March 27, 2020 at 5:40 am

      Hi Celeste,
      Thanks for sharing. I have had my own experience as well, when I was very young.

      I always like to ask others who have had experiences if they have found any books that may give some helpful insight, or provide some pieces to the puzzle. Are there any that you recommend?



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