January 2018 UFO / Alien News

These are UFO / UAP / Alien resources we found in January to share with our viewers. These are curated, meaning vetted. We only share the best information -and not any of the spam out there on the subject. For 2018 we will focus on ONLY the most credible sources of information and commentary on the subject from people like: Luis Elizondo; Hal Putoff; George Knapp; Grant Cameron; Linda Moulton-Howe; Richard Dolan; Dr. Greer. If you have another source you believe to be of an exceptional quality that you would like to share – please send here.

THE BIG NEWS OF JANUARY? None. We were expecting to see another release by the To the Stars Academy, and got nothing. There were some interviews regarding other topics that were OK, but nothing we felt like highlighting in Janary at all. Let’s hope for a better February.

January UFO / Alien Resources – Must Read / View

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