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George Knapp statement about UFOs
George Knapp, UFO Researcher and Journalist

Short Bio: Born April 18, 1952 in Woodbury, NJ and grew up in California.

George Knapp is an investigative reporter at KLAS-TV television station in Las Vegas. He moved to Las Vegas in the early 1980s and drove a cab for a while before being hired as a journalist / investigative reporter.

George has co-authored a book about the Skinwalker Ranch phenomena. Bob has been interested in UFOs and Aliens for a long time, but his real focus began when he met Bob Lazar and had a famous interview with him regarding Area 51 and back-engineering alien craft.

George Knapp’s Books

  • Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp

Recently, Jeremy Corbell, an independent film producer asked George Knapp to sum up what he thinks is going on with UFOs, Aliens, and all the phenomena in general. I transcribed what George said from this video.

The following is a fantastic example of the conclusions – however temporary – that many of us are coming to. The phenomenon is varied. It’s maybe phenomena. It is interacting with us. It is here for a reason. It is here in MANY forms. It is maybe here for many reasons. It may be here for no better reason than we are here – it may have been ‘put’ here. They may also be trying to figure out what we are and why we’re in their world. Our dimensions may overlap sometimes, maybe not even all the time. Maybe just at certain times, or places, or moments in space-time. They may also be asking themselves why sometimes they see our planes, sometimes not. Sometimes they see us walking around, sometimes not. It’s such a massive puzzle.

“The best I can put together is, that there is another intelligence, probably a lot of other intelligences that interact with us in a variety of ways.

They can enter our reality and mess with us and leave, and there’s not much we can do about it. It seems that they have some sort of inherent interest in us. Whether it is the cosmic drive-in movie theater that they just come and like to watch us ’cause we’re so damned entertaining…

Or, it’s harvesting of souls.

Or there’s genetic material. They need something, they need something from us.

It’s clear that it is a symbiotic relationship. There is something they need from us and it’s not just a passing interest. They’re not just driving by and looking out the window.  They’ve been here a long time. They’ve been interacting with us throughout human history.

What they’re ultimate aim is, I don’t know. I really don’t. I don’t know that anybody knows. I also suspect that this mystery is much bigger than just extraterrestrials visiting from other planets. Jaques Vallee said it to me one time, he said, ‘Man, I’m gonna be really disappointed at the end of this mystery, that if it turns out these are just visitors from other planets popping in now and then.’

He suspects, as I’ve come to suspect, that it is much bigger and grander much harder to get your head around. You know, the stuff about area 51 is a fantastic story, it is difficult to absorb, and difficult to get your head around. But there is a bigger and more complicated mystery that is at work.

Skinwalker Ranch stuff that we’ve pursued has taught me that. It’s that whatever this intelligence is, it really does mess with us. And sometimes, it likes to scare us, and keep us off balance. And it leads us down false paths. I don’t know if it’s just mind-games or it’s entertainment, or it is some sort of steep learning curve.

That’s what I hope it is. And I think it might be that we’re being led down a really long steep learning curve, being educated along the way. And we’re maybe now, we’re in junior high. And someday we’ll get to high school. And, if everything goes well and we don’t blow ourselves up, maybe we’ll get to college someday and finally get a degree that teaches us about cosmic awareness. We’re not close to it yet. And I’m not sure any human really understands it and has all the answers.”

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