Dr. Steven Greer

UFO Disclosure advocate, Dr. Steven Greer bio.
Dr. Steven Greer, UFO Researcher

Currently living in Virginia with his family.

After working as a trauma doctor in an emergency room of a hospital, Dr. Greer went full-time into the UFO movement. In 2001, he created the Disclosure Project.

As I first became interested in the UFO / Alien topics, I watched dozens of Steven Greer’s videos put out through the Sirius Disclosure project. He has some fantastic interviews that are must-see videos for people interested in UFOs, paranormal, advanced technology and back-engineering of UFO technology, Disclosure, etc.

Lately, Dr. Greer seems to me to be playing a sort of game of poker. It seems to me that he is making outlandish claims that cannot be backed up, in the hope that someone will sue him – they’ll go to court, and then the person will be under oath, to tell the truth regarding some of the truth about UFO disclosure, or other related subjects.

Dr. Greer claims to be able to ‘summon’ UFOs whenever he wants, using some special protocols he insists work.

He was, for a while anyway, not sure if this is ongoing, taking groups of people to the coast in Florida to watch “UFOs” at a certain time – fly around over the ocean. Apparently, as others have said, these are military exercises – with US military craft, and nothing to do with UFOs. I can’t say one way or the other.

Dr. Greer says what appears to me to be outlandish things in his videos where he’s addressing a small (50?) group of people. It just got so ridiculous to me that I stopped watching any of the videos. Still, the witnesses he gets on video are outstanding, authentic, and entirely believable.

Beliefs: Doesn’t believe aliens are hostile in the least.

Essential Media from Dr. Greer

Unacknowledged Film by Steven Greer’s initiative. Google that to find it. I think it’s a pay-per-view film. Well worth it.

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