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Dr. Eric Davis

Dr. Eric Davis.

Short Bio: Eric W. Davis, Ph.D. is the Chief Science Officer of EarthTech International, Inc. and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (Texas). Dr. Davis has researched many subjects relatable to UFOs like antigravity, interstellar flight, nuclear propulsion, advanced weapon systems, and other advanced topics.

Dr. Davis has worked with Robert Bigelow’s National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS) and Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) organization. Eric was also part of the Skinwalker Ranch investigation team and has had direct interaction with phenomena there that he talked about in some videos on YouTube – if you know exactly which – please let me know. I’ve watched the vids, but cannot recall exactly which ones!

Currently, Dr. Davis works with EarthTech International, Inc. a company contracted to work with To the Stars Academy (TTSA) to analyze materials that have anomalous properties, some of which may have come from extraterrestrial flying craft. Dr. Hal Puthoff, member of TTSA is the founder of this company. Luis Elizondo said at a conference that two of the materials appear to be from outside our galaxy.

Dr. Davis’ research topics are varied and are straight out of a Star Trek movie. A brief summary of diverse topics include: megawatt-class laser propulsion physics, mission applications for the U.S. Air Force laser Lightcraft program, quantum optics tomography experiments to measure negative vacuum energy, studies on the multilayered quantum vacuum structure and its applications; general relativistic time machines and causality, superluminal photons in curved spacetime, gravastars and black holes, and quantum entanglement/teleportation and nonlocality, traversable wormhole and warp drive spacetimes for faster-than-light propulsion, and get this, “dense plasma focus fusion concepts for space propulsion.”

He is an Adjunct Professor in the Early Universe, Cosmology and Strings Group at the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics & Engineering Research at Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Dr. Davis is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Directed Energy Professional Society, SPIE, American Astronomical Society, and Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

Education: Ph.D. Astrophysics, University of Arizona 1991.

Breaking News: On June 6, 2019, a transcribed conversation on a document from 2002 was released anonymously online at many sources. In this document, Dr. Davis is speaking with Admiral Thomas Wilson about his attempts to get direct confirmation of the United States having vehicles made by someone other than humans. Apparently, he got that confirmation. Here is the transcript. Oops. Was taken down when Google lost access to its entire blogging platform.

This could turn out to be the most important piece of documentation ever in the history of the world, as it might lead quickly to DISCLOSURE.

Though Dr. Eric Davis is not listed on the TTSA “Team” page, he has been quite involved with various efforts of TTSA.

Dr. Davis DOES NOT believe in Extraterrestrials. In an interview with Alejandro Rojas, he makes it appear as he believes in the first hypothesis he mentions. They’re here on earth already, not from elsewhere.

Alejandro Rojas: So when you refer to abduction, do you believe that people actually are being taken physically taken by extraterrestrials?

Eric Davis: I don’t think they’re being taken by extraterrestrials. We don’t have proof that there are extraterrestrials. We know that whatever it is, is not human.

Now there is a hypothesis that they’ve been abducted by a covert clandestine, non-state operation that looks at people of specific backgrounds with a specific predisposition, maybe it’s a genetic thing too, and they get abducted because they’re being tested or examined or there’s a purpose involved with that.

That’s a hypothesis I’ve heard among colleagues and it’s the standard hypothesis that comes from Dr. John Mack (Psychiatrist), David Jacobson, and Budd Hopkins’ work, it has all been the extraterrestrial hypothesis… that UFOs from other planets are coming down, they’re going to pick a few humans off the ground to evaluate them, just like you just like a cattle rancher who’s breeding specific breed of Black Angus…

Source http://www.openminds.tv/dr-eric-davis-investigating-and-experiencing-the-paranormal-interview-transcript/42351

Dr. Davis has the inside scoop on many subjects and has many important connections in the field of UFOLOGY. In the following video, he says some absolutely incredible things, speaking from authority. I’m surprised he is so open here. I’m so surprised that I copied the video in its entirety in case it gets pulled from YouTube.

Main Points of Dr. Davis’ Statements

  • Aliens do not, will not, think as we do. They have a different biology, different sense organs, and experienced a different environment during development than we did on earth. They have a completely different mindset.
  • Countries around the world have crashed alien craft.
  • Later he says, there’s a craft, there’s hardware, and there are occupants. So, if we have crashed craft, we have occupants – dead or alive.
  • Less than 1/1000th to 1/100,000th of people with high clearances have the need to know about the alien topic.

Here’s the video. If you want to go straight to the points mentioned above, jump to 1 hr. 12 mins 28 sec.

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