Donald Trump and UFOs | Aliens?

Why Did Donald Trump just Change His Tune on Space?

Does Donald Trump know anything about UFOs and Aliens, or is he just ‘not a fan’ as he has said before of outer space?

This week is shaping up to be absolutely incredible in terms of all the activity going on about the UFO topic.

Grant Cameron posted this on Facebook today:

Trump announces big space dream of going to the moon and Mars. He stated, “So we are the leader and we’re going to stay the leader and we’re going to increase it many fold.” This coming from a country without a NASA director after one year, and a country that hitch hikes to the space station with the Russians on their rockets. Saddest part is most people will take the bait and cheer.

Looking back, when asked about Hillary Clinton talking UFOs, Trump told Maureen Dowd, “they are talking about outer space I assume. I am not a big fan.”

So, we’ve got Trump doing a 180-degree turn on the subject of space… now he’s apparently a fan. WHY NOW? Trump has said NOTHING before this about space. Now, in this very busy week for space news – he’s talking about it.

Tomorrow, Yuri Milner – the investor from Russia who put 100 million USD into an organization to study alien worlds – is going to point a radio telescope toward the interstellar asteroid (‘Oumuamua) that showed up in our solar system recently.

‘Oumuamua is weird for several reasons:

  1. It is the first object we’ve ever seen in our solar system from deep space.
  2. It is shaped completely different from anything we’ve seen floating around our solar system.
  3. Estimates of speed varied greatly. One said it was moving around 16 miles per second.
  4. Oumuamua came in at right angles to the rotational plane of the rest of the objects in our solar system.
  5. If the video graphics of the object coming around the sun and then toward earth is accurate, it passed damn close to earth – as if it was planned to be that close. It looks to be within 10° of earth. There’s a 1 in 36 chance of that. A circle is 360° – right? Weird.
  6. There was no tail at all. The object must be solid. It could be rock, or metal.
  7. The shape of ‘Oumuamua is ideal for interstellar space travel. It is around 400 meters long and 40 meters wide. This is the shape Avi Joeb, Harvard Uni’s chair of the astronomer’s school – would have chosen to avoid space debris, dust, and other hazards.

NASA is having a press conference Thursday to announce something important

Yeah, no kidding. Google’s AI tech has analyzed some data from the Keppler probe, and apparently found something that was missed in earlier analysis.

Tom Delonge’s Group is said to be announcing the “BIGGEST” thing yet

They’ve already announced that the UFO phenomenon is real – what could be bigger than that??

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  • September 27, 2020 at 4:48 am

    I Have Always Believed …..That WE…” ARE NOT THE ONLY GRAIN OF SAND ON THE BEACH OF LIFE” ! What Is Being Kept SECRET…? WHY Haven’t WE HAD FULL DISCLOSURE ? PLEASE ADVISE… Over and OUT……………Dennis


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