Deep Prasad’s Important Quotes and Writings

Tweets November 6, 2019

Deep Prasad published a string of quotes on Twitter that was interesting because it hinted at an underlying reality To the Stars Academy (TTSA) is hiding that we’re not privy to. The 19 tweets are combined below with my comments after. I’ve also separated by paragraphs to enhance readability.

Metamaterials combine different metals and/or plastics together in order to achieve an effect that would normally not be achieved by those metals/plastics in bulk form.

There are metamaterials that can act as waveguides. Waveguides as the name implies, guide waves (electromagnetic (EM)/sound for example) with minimal energy loss by limiting the degrees of expansion from 3D to 2 or 1D. My favorite naturally occurring example is the SOFAR channel, which is in the ocean & thousands of kilometres long. The amazing thing about this waveguide is that it only works for certain frequencies. You can detect signals that are believed to belong to fin whales using the SOFAR channel to communicate with each other across the world.

TTSA claims that they have “metamaterials” that are also a waveguide for ThZ frequencies. Which means it should be able to carry EM waves at those frequencies with minimal energy loss. Specifically, Hal Puthoff told Linda Moulton-Howe in a letter that there was one test left to be done on the bismuth magnesium sample. This was to test it using the predicted 4.76-5.66ThZ. The problem is very few if any generators at those frequencies exist today. In fact, judging by the way the waveguides were determined, looking at the SEMs, etc we realize the bi/mg piece MIGHT be a waveguide at those frequencies. But it doesn’t seem to be a waveguide at all based on all the results carried out to date, in part because of the limitation of not being able to achieve the frequency levels.

Hal writes in the attached email (below) how tests for whether it was a waveguide for lower frequencies (THz) had failed. Thus, there is no reason to call the samples metamaterials as they aren’t waveguides or haven’t proven to be yet. So for anyone reading this, it’s too preemptive to use these very specific terms for whatever it is they have.

Obviously, there are a lot of nice intelligent people involved, but I suspect something’s up and it’s something I’ve suspected for a decent while now. Which is, that we’re being distracted.

I trust my own team and their science. We have observed anomalous tic-tac objects and we have good reason to believe they exist. We believe Commander Fravor. I believe there are authentic UAPs not built by any human intelligence.

I’m also aware of things the average public definitely is not and so I know TTSA isn’t full of it. But many of them are also extremely well trained in counterintelligence. This means they’re masters of disseminating truth mixed with potentially flat out lies or misdirections to keep people away from anything they don’t want to be known.

If the UAP reality is real, it invites a ton of other very scary and out-of-government control phenomena onto the table. It means abductions could be a very real thing and that people could truly be harmed by the phenomenon, and that there are people who have managed to retard humanity by keeping them in the dark about this truth, etc.

In actuality, there’s probably a very deep, very sinister rabbit hole of truths that are kept from us and this idea that UAPs are real and the government is just finding out. In my opinion, it’s all complete bullshit as many people in the community also believe. But the government isn’t one all-knowing entity. It’s cliques of people who live and die, come and go and are unique.

So, it’s possible TTSA is a half-way gig. Where they know a lot about the inside, have to do their due diligence to the state and lie to us, but also do their best to disclose knowing the Russians/Chinese will also listen. Thus the bismuth “not a metamaterial” were the ultimate near nothingburgers that fit the criteria above.

Perhaps waveguides are indeed used in UAPs, perhaps metamaterials do bend spacetime (As Tom claims about the Airforce piece. Keep in mind I’m only calling out Linda’s parts). But it’s not enough info.

I bet while we debate over and over about what these “not metamaterials” do, the people who have full access to this stuff (which isn’t TTSA) will continue to make advancements in understanding the phenomena and you and I get distracted, becoming no competition at all.

I believe people at the grassroots, like the people reading this, are just going to have to try way harder. I can’t say more and I’m sorry I’m saying something you’ll have to take my word for but YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. There is so much more that we aren’t told. This metamaterials stuff is a distraction. It is meaningless compared to the grand scheme of things. I think TTSA has good intentions but is at the mercy of the black world. Who I promise you gives 0 shits about science and humanity. None.

They could force disclosure overnight and it’s sad they don’t. So, don’t get sucked in. The people in the black world aren’t god. They have just had the privilege of using countless millions and billions to tap into defense equipment, part of which allows them to observe the hell out of the phenomena and learn a lot more about it than me and you.

This can change and I will think tonight on how. If we can replicate certain military capabilities and use it for peaceful purposes, wow. An entire world will open up to us that is currently hidden away out of pure selfishness and fear. End rant. Love you all.

I was going to comment with long-drawn-out speculation about what Deep is saying, but I don’t think I will. There are some possibilities I could guess at, but I would be here for the next 3 hours thinking about and writing it out. It’s here for you to speculate and come to your own conclusions. Feel free to mention them in the comments if you wish.

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