December 2017 UFO / Alien News

Row of 5 aliens with big bug eyes.

These are UFO / UAP / Alien resources we found in December. This is a curated list of credible sources we’ve reviewed. We believe there is some value in reading this information or watching these videos. If you have another source you believe to be of an exceptional quality that you would like to share – please send here.

THE BIG NEWS OF DECEMBER?  We hope that Tom Delonge’s group, To the Stars Academy (TTSA), has 2 major announcements that will take place within a couple of days:

  1. Actual gun-camera footage (and I hope radar or infrared as well), of UFO(s) complete with chain of custody trail so we know exactly which government agency (and office?) the video came from.
  2. No Idea – this announcement Tom has said is going to be the biggest one his group has ever announced. So, that could potentially be some big news considering they already announced UFOs are REAL. Note – as you can see below – NASA called a press conference on Monday for Thursday 14 Dec. to announce something. Did Delonge’s group somehow push this forward? Did TTSA give NASA a chance to announce it first? Is it completely unrelated to TTSA’s announcement?

December UFO / Alien Resources – Must Read / View

  • 12/28 – Richard Dolan finally weighing in on national media – CBS interview. Nothing really said that hasn’t been said 200 times already – he just gives an overview. Video here.
  • 12/27 – Luis Elizondo’s interview on MSNBC. Luis states at the end that we’re getting closer to figuring out what the technology is behind the craft(s). Once thought to be up to 5 different technologies – is possibly just one. Interesting video here.
  • 12/27 – John Rapaport’s idea that maybe what’s coming is a biological threat from aliens – check out the Delonge’s team of BIO experts. Article here.
  • From the NEW YORK TIMES – just released video footage of a UFO from a Navy F/A 18 fighter jet. The article is attempting to give a well-rounded view of the phenomenon, but since this is our government releasing this as something THEY CANNOT IDENTIFY – it’s not made by humans, you can rest assured. Here’s a detailed analysis of one UFO (UAP).And, THIS ARTICLE. Leslie Kean – one of the writers of the articles is going on MSNBC…
  • German anti-gravity vehicles overflew Washington DC in the 1950’s? Excellent article here.
  • Now Trump is talking about space and going to the moon and mars? WTF?
'Oumuamua asteroid representation. Alien space-probe? Or rock?
Now ‘Oumuamua asteroid – is it a spaceship or a rock?

An odd asteroid was discovered as it ripped through our solar system. It had no trail, and was shaped strangely – ideal for interstellar space travel – is 400 to 800 meters long and about 40-80 meters wide. Some are speculating that it could be a spaceship – and not just a natural piece of rock from some distant civilization. They’re checking it for radio signals. The name of it is: ‘Oumuamua – it means ‘messenger’ in Hawaiian. The object was first sighted from a telescope in the islands. Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard University’s astronomy department said, “The more I study this object, the more unusual it appears, making me wonder whether it might be an artificially made probe which was sent by an alien civilization.” Yuri Milner’s group will point a radio telescope at it from Virginia on Wednesday, Dec 13th at 3 pm. to see if there is any signal coming from it. Another article here.

Have a look at the trajectory this asteroid was on – bringing it by chance? very close to earth as it slungshot off the sun’s gravity right past us. From

Trajectory of odd-ball asteroid 'Oumuamua shows how close it came to earth - for what reason? Better view?
  • NASA has called a press conference for Thursday 14 December to announce something that was found in the data collected by the Kepler space telescope. The data was analyzed by Google using machine learning processes and something new was found they want to announce. Interesting… Let’s hope it isn’t another, “we found more planets that could possibly be inhabitable.” We’ve heard that before. Let’s move forward already. The event will be live-streamed from NASA’s site here at 6 pm London time, 14 Dec. That’s 1 pm Eastern Standard Time in USA .
  • Smithsonian magazine article – “Reagan and Gorbachev Agreed to Pause the Cold War in Case of an Alien Invasion.”
  • Ryan Robbins is one of the newer guys to put up videos on YouTube about the UFO phenomenon. He’s cranking out video reviews of the latest information about Tom Delonge’s group – and is well worth following. His YT channel: Post Disclosure World. His website is here. He doesn’t seem to miss anything from Tom, Grant Cameron, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, etc. A good source to follow if you can’t keep up with everyone’s Twitter, FB, YT, and Instagram accounts.
  • Tom Delonge’s Instagram post 6 Dec before midnight – A new dawn is on the horizon. To The Stars Academy has effectively done the impossible. I am beyond proud… I am tripping. #verysoon
  • Linda Moulton Howe’s document reading about the alien MENACE to our world. She reads a document allegedly from Physicist Edward Teller to Ronald Reagan between 1981-83 prior to the Star Wars Initiative. Video here. Here’s my take on whether aliens are benign or dangerous. Interesting that Linda is coming out with this now. Wondering if it corresponds to anything Delonge will release in a few days.
  • 4 Video Series by Stephen Bassett – Undisclosed videos Part 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Fade to Black Radio with Jimmy Church, and guest Linda Moulton Howe from 5 Dec
  • Tom Delonge’s Team AnnouncementVideo 1
  • Unacknowledged Film by Steven Greer’s initiative. This is available on Amazon Video here. Also, currently free on YT here. You can slow it down by 25% in the settings. The image is very light – not saturated – apparently to subvert the YT algorithm to find illegal copies of the film online.
  • Interesting sound clip from Tom Delonge’s Instagram – possibly from one of the videos that are to be released in early December. Seems that a pilot is saying “Look at that thing! It’s rotating.”
  • This was super interesting – the most interesting video I watched in December. Linda Moulton Howe talks to a guy on a flight crew who flew to Antarctica to drop off and then pick up some scientists. SUPER weird. Video here.

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