Chris Mellon

Chris Mellon, member of To the Stars Academy UFO Disclosure group.Chris Mellon

Position with To the Stars Academy: National Security Affairs Advisor

Christopher Mellon served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in both the Clinton and Bush Administrations. He is the author of numerous articles on national security, and the recipient of multiple awards from the Department of Defense and agencies of the US Intelligence Community.

Education: B.A. in economics from Colby College, M.A. in international affairs from Yale University.

Here is an interview with Chris about why he joined the TTSA and something about his ideas on whether or not there is a super-secret agency in the government which is managing such a thing. Super interesting. This guy could be lying through his teeth, but you’d never know because he’s so damn convincing – about knowing nothing of underground UFO programs.

Here they ask him what he thinks about Tom Delonge – this is in 2016 – when he wasn’t working in the group (at least not publicly).