Chris Mellon

Chris Mellon, member of To the Stars Academy UFO Disclosure group.
Christopher Mellon

Brief Bio: Christopher Karl Mellon was born on October 2, 1957. He was formerly the United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and later for Security and Information Operations. He also served in the capacity of Staff Director for the US Senate Select Committee of Intelligence. Mr. Mellon is an accomplished writer and a member of the “Mellon Family” who made billions with oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Position with “To the Stars Academy”: National Security Affairs Advisor.

Christopher Mellon served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in both the Clinton and Bush Administrations. He is the author of numerous articles on national security and the recipient of multiple awards from the Department of Defense and agencies of the US Intelligence Community.

Education: B.A. in economics from Colby College, M.A. in International Affairs from Yale University with a focus in finance and management in 1984.

How Did Chris Mellon Become Interested in UFO’s?

In the first video below as he is interviewed by Alejandro Rojas, Chris Mellon describes a childhood UFO incident at seven-years-old in which he saw a homemade movie of a luminous UFO while attending a boarding school. The experience ‘filled him with awe.’

Below are pieces Mr. Mellon wrote for various news organizations about UFO’s, UAP’s, and the phenomenon.

In this second article, Mr. Mellon asks repeatedly for a report from Congress that covers the UFO topic. In particular, he reveals that we have sensors deep in the oceans all the way to inner and outer space which could all be the target of data to collect for a comprehensive report on the subject. Here’s one particularly interesting paragraph from the article.

The good news is that America already possesses vast sensor networks, ranging from the depths of the oceans to the harsh bleakness of space, capable of collecting the requisite information. All that Congress need do at this juncture is require the secretary of Defense and the director of national intelligence to review the UAP issue and deliver a report providing a comprehensive assessment. This report should include not only an estimate of the situation but a description of the structure and processes required to ensure effective collection and analysis going forward. 

Chris Mellon opinion article at on 19 May 2019.

Video Interviews with Chris Mellon on UAP/UFO Topic

Below are some fantastic interviews on video with Chris Mellon regarding the UFO / UAP topic with Tucker Carlson from MSNBC and Alejandro Rojas.

Coming from a source as high as Mr. Mellon in the government, these interviews should make you want to read more about the topic of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Join our weekly UFO UPDATE by email here.

  • Here is an interview by Alejandro Rojas, a UFO researcher, with Chris Mellon about why he joined the TTSA and something about his ideas on whether or not there is a super-secret agency in the government which is managing such a thing. Super interesting. This guy could be lying through his teeth, but you’d never know because he’s so damn convincing – about knowing nothing of underground UFO programs.
  • Here, in the same video, Mr. Mellon is asked what he thinks about Tom Delonge – this is in 2016 – when he wasn’t working in the group (at least not publicly).
  • Tucker Carlson is a well-known television personality who has taken an interest in UFOs and UAPs. Here he interviews Chris Mellon on 3/23/2018. Tucker asks whether we think it’s a craft from another country, or what?
  • Another Tucker Carlson interview from 4/25/2019. Talk is focused on the Navy’s revised reporting procedures and the importance of this recent change.

Chris Mellon is one of the most important voices on the topic of UFOs / UAPs, and everything he says in interviews or in op-ed pieces at the Washington Post, The Hill, or other news outlets should be scrutinized carefully.

2019 is such an incredible time to be alive when we have resources like Mr. Mellon who have gone way out on a limb to try to bring some openness to the matter of UFOs and potentially aliens in our midst.

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9 thoughts on “Chris Mellon

  • September 6, 2019 at 7:33 am

    I hope that Christopher Mellon, reads this comment, Ghris,,, before I seen
    The program, on history channel, a week before I seen the UFO you showed
    On program, the black one, well I’ve seen it in clear blue sky’s, with a good
    Pair of binoculars pro ones, what I seen was same shape but brilliant colours, gold purple silver, it was flying over south London sky’s, and it
    Wobbled left to right, this happened on the long English augest weekend,
    On a Saturday, 2019 I wanted to get camera, but it seemed to just vanish,
    I drew the shap after I seen it, it’s same shape as on tv program, this is not first one I’ve seen, I’ve photos of another two, one is video, one almost
    Crashed into building the other was huge triangular shape, I’ve video of it,
    My name is james Doyle, live in London, I like what your doing, so let’s
    Know if you have read my mail.. thank you james..

  • September 6, 2019 at 8:41 am

    Chris,, I would be happy to send you photos, plus videos, of ufos, I’ve seen
    This is real what I’ve seen, the one that sticks out was the one that clear blue
    Sky’s, an this sounds odd, but it was like a barrel like a oil drum, it had no
    Wings, black, no sound, flying so low wobbling it was so low, it looked like
    It was out of control, I took photos with iphone, but it looked further away
    Than was seen, and it was trying to gain height and almost missed tall
    Building, I was stunned by this,, I’ve got at least five photos, but thing is
    It looks like dots on photos, still the photos show it’s flight ruite the other
    One is video, of three lights triangle shape craft, again no sound,
    At night, it moved over building no sound, couldn’t believe the huge size
    Of this, at first you could have mistaken it for stars in sky, but there was no
    Mistaken what it was, a UFO for sure, over London, near city airport,
    Funny thing is I keep seening ufos over sky’s London, by the way there is
    A military army barracks in south London, if this has anything to do with
    This, I have also seen low flying army helicopters with doors open checking
    Out something on ground, around time I seen UFO that missed building
    This is real, as you know most people look downward, I tend to look up now,
    So please Chris, if you want photos, and videos, contact me, thank you James..

  • September 8, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    I think to unterstand UFO we have to mix religion and science.
    In the bible there are all the informations about UFO

  • September 22, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Dear Mr. Mellon,

    I am writing to you regarding unidentified aerial objects as discussed on the television series, Unidentified. It was the involvement of people of your level of responsibility that made the subject credible to me. I have an idea for a physical experiment that might provide critical information regarding these objects. I’m not a physicist, so I will be engaging here in qualitative “handwaving”, but I am confident that you would have access to an experimental physicist who could pass on whether this idea is feasible. (This idea was inspired by the use of atomic clocks for optical interferometry.)

    If the objects are extra-terrestrial, the builders would have a mastery of technology far beyond the current human level. In particular, if it is physically possible to warp space-time to move objects they could well have mastery of that. The incredible flight characteristics of these objects and the absence of an infrared signature associated with propulsion might be explained by such a technology.

    A warping of space-time would have measurable effects and I believe we have the technology to capture those measurements. The equipment would include a squadron of drone aircraft, atomic clocks, lasers and charge-coupled device arrays. A company called Microsemi produces a Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) SA.45s with 120 mW power consumption, 17 cubic cm volume, 35 g weight, and +/- 5.0 E-11 accuracy at shipment. I saw a figure for the cost of about a thousand dollars apiece.

    The measurements would be made by emitting laser beams from the ground and from the drones that are modulated with a piece of information: the time, as determined by atomic clock, that the laser beam was emitted. The targets of the laser beams would be CCD arrays on the drones. Upon receipt of the laser beam the time of receipt as per the onboard atomic clock would be recorded. The measurement of interest would be the time interval from emission to receipt. Triangulated beams from the ground would determine exact positions of the drones as any given time.

    The mode of operation would be for the drones to surround the object, keeping sufficient distance to initially avoid a response. The drones would send laser beams to one another, passing the object at various distances—from very distant to almost grazing it, from different angles. If something could then be done to stimulate the object to move away quickly while the measurements proceeded, an experimental bonus might be achieved. If space-time warping is in fact being used, measurement changes should be observable at the time of movement.

    I recall on the series, Unidentified, that when you asked pilots in Area 51 if they ever saw unexplained aerial phenomena, they told you that it occurred often. A stable “hotspot” like Area 51 would seem to be an ideal place to set up this experiment.

    If you do take this to an experimental physicist to be evaluated, I would very much appreciate receiving feedback regarding the feasibility of this idea (before it becomes classified, if it’s acted upon(?)).

    Hoping very much to hear from you,
    Don Klemencic

  • October 16, 2019 at 7:09 am

    Hola Cristófer Melon yo e tenido contacto directo con esas naves “extraterrestres”.
    Soy español por eso mi lenguaje.quisiera poder ayudaros.
    Hi Cristófer Melon i have contact direct with this UFOS. I’m Know

  • November 28, 2019 at 11:37 am

    With great interest I have watched the TV series ‘Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation’. Regarding the explanation of the video recordings of the UFO images, I wanted to say the following. The very rapid and sudden movements of the object can be explained by assuming that this is a pure light phenomenon. It is just like the light spot that you see when you shine a flashlight on a wall in the dark. You will see alternately a round spot or an oval-shaped spot, depending on the angle with which you shine on the wall. When the corner of the light beam is perpendicular to the wall, you see a round spot and when the corner is slanted, you see an oval-shaped spot. If you shine on the wall with a flashlight, it is as if you are looking into a two-dimensional space (the flat wall) from a three-dimensional space (the room you are in). Two-dimensional light spots (circular or oval-shaped) then arise. If you are looking for a three-dimensional space with a light beam from a four-dimensional space, spherical or egg-shaped light-emitting objects will arise in the three-dimensional space. This position explains the sudden and rapid and criss-cross movement of the UFOs. You can also see that on the wall when you move the flashlight. This vision also explains the sudden disappearance of the UFOs. It’s just like when you turn off the flashlight. As is well known, light is also associated with heat radiation. This heat radiation can explain why the water is bubbling up at sea. What this explanation does not explain is the observation of the UFOs on the radar screen.

    Would you send me a confirmation of receipt of this message. Thanks in advance.

    My e-mail address:

  • December 4, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    Mr. Mellon,
    Your past comments have indicated that research into UAP phenomena should be conducted due to the clear and present danger they represent and the need to develop the tech, if possible, for our defense. Please consider the following thoughts re: the Fermi Paradox and any observed/recovered ET technology.

    In October of this year, Popular Mechanics reported that the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science is working with the Army to “characterize” technology under the Academy’s control, and then use the tech to improve military vehicles. “Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command to advance TTSA’s materiel and technology innovations in order to develop enhanced capabilities…” (

    In order for a civilization to evolve past WMD proliferation, one could hypothesize that their leaps in technology would need to have been exceeded by requisite leaps in philosophy (and universal acceptance of that philosophy). An adhered to philosophy that counteracts game theory would likely have to be combined with an un-aggressive predisposition of such a species at an instinctual, genetic level.

    The implications are of an existential nature for our own civilization. For such an E.T. civilization to survive expansion or even exploration far beyond their own solar system, would require surviving contact with third party E.T. civilizations. Some of these third parties could be more aggressive- anomalous outliers of the hypothesis above, or merely at a cruder point of their own development (see: WMD proliferation). Either way, they could present some level of threat to the more philosophically evolved ET race.

    This leads to a conundrum. At some point, wouldn’t the more advanced and philosophically evolved civilization be forced to not only monitor or contain the less technologically advanced, aggressive civilization, but to eliminate them before they develop technology that represents a threat? (The logical extension of the so-called “Zoo hypothesis”).

    With respect to university philosophy departments worldwide, humanity’s progress towards superseding game theory and the selfish paths it can lead us down is limited. We have yet to even unite in to a one-world government. If advanced E.T. technology has fallen into the hands of Earthlings, we need to consider that much of it could harm us more than it could help us. The many studies as to whether or not technology has increased happiness levels, on balance, are well reported. If the technology is to be horded and secreted away by the military or corporations of one nation, it is surely the impetus of conflict amongst nations, at the very least. Citizens of disenfranchised nations will claim this as a violation of the fundamental human rights of all occupants of this shared planet, and perhaps rightfully so. Those nations with access to E.T. tech will judge many developing nations as too unstable for the tech in parallel to current efforts to limit WMD proliferation or even the right of those nations to power their countries by means of nuclear energy. The idea of achieving a stalemate scenario of mutually assured destruction with ET’s capable of visiting Earth is hubris.

    Things fall apart.

    If this tech has the means to solve our dependence on an economic system reliant on population growth and unsustainable environmental resource depletion, then universities worldwide need free access to it now! Limits to this access will be hard to justify. If military use or near-term space colonization (adjudged by many academics to be an unrealistic solution to the problems confronting our native planet) are the primary intended applications, then we would do well to familiarize ourselves with the axiom of ethical engineers who, after wondering “if a technology can be developed,” then consider: “should it be?”

    A technological leap that is achieved in advance of corresponding evolution of Earthling philosophy will likely spell disaster per Fermi’s Paradox and the possibility that crashed UFOs technology could be a Trojan Horse needs to be discussed. If not by our own hands, destruction may come from an E.T. civilization that cannot abide by the increased threat posed by Earthlings- or any civilization with a recent history of wars over resources, subjection of other sentient species and the practically irreversible polluting of their own planet. In the eyes of an ET civilization, we surely set our cause back for each dollar spent on a space branch over solving the environmental crisis, education, prisoner reform, or healthcare costs. While it may smart to align yourself in any way against your past patriotic service to our great nation, self-control and containment of a growing military industrial complex are, respectfully, what you should be calling for.

  • March 3, 2020 at 5:44 am

    It seems to me that these crafts and craftsman who servile our sky’s and land uninterrupted probably for thousands of years do not have a need or sense a threat from any military on earth to be forced to invade or protect themselves. Agreed, the US should in all manner learn and retrieve as much hard evidence that our technology allows and to take this complicated situation to heart. In all likelihood this is probably already being done privately and by the US government quietly, as to not cause any concern or panic by the population.

  • March 22, 2020 at 4:56 am

    Mr. Mellon:
    I whole heartedly believe that the aliens have been here many many moons ago. Obviously look at what the Egyptian culture built. I am going way out on a limb but I am a senior grandmother respectfully asking you to help my granddaughter with her college tuition. There is not enough paper in the world for me to write why she is so deserving of help that I cannot possibly do. She is going to attend U of M in Ann Arbor, Michigan in August, 2020. She plans to enter into the field of pediatrics medicine having to do with urology due to her issues as a young child. I Would love to tell you about her. Hoping to hear from you. Stay true to your work on UFO’s. So much is kept from us by the government. God Bless….


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