Chris Mellon Says “Not US, Russian, Chinese” Craft

On the last episode of Unidentified on the History Channel (Season 2, Episode 8), Christopher Mellon made a point of stating that these UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) are NOT Russian or Chinese. He went on to say something that to me is probably every bit as important, or even more so because everyone already KNOWS these are not man-made objects.

He said these things are hundreds of thousands, even millions of years more advanced than human technology.

That is the real mind blower!

Here’s a tweet by Project Unity at Twitter who made this nice graphic with the quote by Christopher Mellon.

Christopher Mellon quote stating that the Phenomenon is not from the USA, Russia, or China. They are from beings 100,000 to millions of years ahead of us.
Graphic by Project Unity at Twitter.

It’s easy to think that beings that far advanced would probably consider giving us knowledge that is thousands of years ahead of us as a good way to kill us all. Just through simple observation, they can see that mankind is a species bent on power and control. Individuals here with power already would exploit the tech given to us. Even if The Others distributed it fairly to all – still – the power would end up in the hands of those with the intelligence, the drive, the connections to exploit it for their own means first, and to the likely detriment of humanity.

What Mr. Mellon is saying is that this would be the equivalent of having a God-Smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) dropped into our lap.

All we can hope for is that this doesn’t happen. The only scenario that makes sense for humanity’s good, longevity, and positive outcome is that The Others give us a plan to move forward with some of the tech to better our lives not just in healthcare advancements and transportation, environmental benefit… but also with tools that will help us rewire our brains away from our current state.

Whatever programmed our minds – developed our minds – to be as they are, filled with anger, jealousy, bent on power and control of others… got it all wrong. We are flawed beings.

Somehow we need a reset.

It may be something along the lines of meditation to help us see the pain we create in the world through wrong action and thoughts. It may be something else entirely. It may be something like Elon Musk is working on, a brain-tech interface that allows changes in behavior and thinking to optimize the person in whatever way desired.

Hell, if they’re a million years ahead of us they could probably just say a spell and change humanity’s state of mind in an instant, couldn’t they?

I am SO lucky to be alive during this time of humanity’s development.

I just hope this is all leading to something positive for us.

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