Chris and Ryan Bledsoe

This page is about Chris Bledsoe and his son, Ryan. There are more in the family of course, but these gentlemen are both on Twitter and easily accessible. Perhaps more accessible than anyone with claimed major experiences with the phenomenon have EVER been.

If you follow Chris and Ryan on Twitter, you’ll see many photos they’ve published of orbs and other blurry things seen in Chris’ yard, usually at night.

Requests for better photos go ignored and the UFO community, is all too accepting and have opened their arms to these guys based one a couple of things.

  1. Chris Bledsoe’s (and his other son’s) experience with UAP’s and actual alien interaction. You can listen to one of Chris’ many YouTube interviews, or here, just go to Richard Dolan’s because it’s one of the best. Part 1 (video)
  2. Jim Semivan, ex-CIA employee (and rather high on the totem pole), has regularly visited the Bledsoe’s at Chris’ home in North Carolina. Ryan has published a number of images showing Jim and his family at the Bledsoe house or at other activities.
  3. Chris and Ryan have claimed that many scientists have come to Chris’ house to observe and study the phenomenon (orbs, blurry smoke).
  4. The steady stream of photos (see below) from mobile phones that keep coming. Ryan recently said his dad has many more photos, some of which are too mindblowing to publish on Twitter just yet.
  5. John Alexander, ex-military, was on Jeffrey Mishlove’s YouTube channel for an interview. During one interview, he told about his experience at Chris Bledsoe’s house where Chris called in a UFO that materialized out of thin air right in front of them. He became an instant believer in the phenomenon at the Bledsoe house.

I’m very skeptical of all that I’ve heard, but apparently it can’t be argued that Jim Semivan is NOT going there regularly, there are too many photos. Some UFO researchers appear to be completely on-board with Chris’ stories and experiences. Richard Dolan and Grant Cameron are two. You can find many others clinging to every word Ryan says on Twitter by reading the threads under Ryan’s tweets.

I believe something is going on. I don’t know what. It appears to me that there are two main explanations. I sent this summary to my sister this morning. I think this sums up what I think about what is going on.

My sister asked me to go read Ryan’s tweets for the last couple of weeks because I unfollowed him about a month ago.

Yesterday I went and read what he and Chris were saying. I think it boils down to one of 2 things – both of them weird, the 2nd being far weirder than the first and less likely. I think it’s either…

1.) The CIA has planted software on their phones that denigrates images – adding clouds, orbs, whatever. This reinforces their own beliefs. They’re convinced they’re somehow the chosen ones. The CIA sends people there to see the phenomenon, which the CIA (someone) then produces with lasers, holograms, etc. The simple phenomena being observed at the Bledsoe house do not seem to be beyond the capabilities of our military / psyops / etc.

2.) They are actually being contacted by the phenomenon. They may have been chosen just because they seem so damn credible. When they speak, they’ve got the southern accent. They speak slowly. Convincingly. The phenomenon that chose them may be generally evil or it may be good.

I’m leaning toward evil because of the dog incident. That was either Chris slicing the dog’s neck with a razor, or it was the phenomenon hurting the dog and allowing Chris to manifest a miracle of healing it.

Either way, that’s tremendously fukced. Not to mention, they’ve offered absolutely no sort of tangible proof regarding the dozens of photos they’re releasing and claiming was the phenomenon interacting with them.

One big red flag is that there was no veterinarian visit after the dog bled like crazy and Chris supposedly healed it with his hand. No paperwork from the vet because they didn’t take the dog to the vet? Odd behavior!

All they have are hazy photos and stories. Chris failed the lie detector test. It’s not infallible… but still… with absolutely no proof for what is going on, it leaves too much room for doubt.

Who better for the phenom. to choose than the Bledsoe family?

Since we know the phenomenon seems to have a weird sense of humor, what about their last name? Bledsoe. Bled/soe. Bled So.

Their actions were like, yeah, the dog bled, so?

Is the phenomenon capable of such sick humor?

If the phenom was evil and going to gain the trust of the world, this would be a pretty damn good family to start it all off with. They claim to be Christians as well.

And, being Christians, isn’t it strange that Ryan is completely onboard with the ultimate #1 god being this lady he keeps talking about. The Christian bible says nothing about any lady.

This could be the set up for the antichrist to come on the scene… weirdly enough. The antichrist of the Bible is supposed to be able to make impossible things happen. The world will follow him, saying Who is like him?