Childrens’ UFO Encounters

The children were all encouraged to draw what they saw in the Ariel School event in Zimbabwe. This character was particularly ominous.

This page covers a couple of UFO events in which children were involved. The two school cases are in particular, just chilling. Obviously the events happened, and we’re struggling as a species to understand why exactly these beings decided to visit schools and give the messages they did.

1994 Ariel, Zimbabwe School Event (Mass Sighting)

Listen to the descriptions of the beings the kids recall. “He had a big head and big black eyes.” And, “His face was like this and his eyes were down here.” I have chills listening to these kids. There have been other videos where they have found the children as adults and they still remember the incident and still are trying to understand just why it happened.

Dr. John Mack, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, interviews the kids. The answers the kids give him are also chilling. He asks one small girl, “You heard a noise in the air?”
What was it like? Like a roar or a buzz, or a hum? Or, what kind of a noise?
It was like someone was playing a flute.

And another girl… “It looked evil because it was just staring at me.”
John Mack – “As if to do what?”
Girl – “As if it wanted to come and take us.”

And another girl explaining what the message was she got from these beings. “All the trees will go down and there will just be no air. And all the people will be dying.”

Chills again. Anyway, watch the video, it’s absolutely riveting.

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