What are UFO’s NOT DOING?

What are UFO's not doing video by Vern Lovic at UFOScoop.com

Here’s a video I did that hopefully will stoke some curiosity in you about what UFOs are doing and not doing in the skies above us.

I brought various things into the video including Luis Elizondo’s recent post here, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Teleportation, Quantum Entanglement, UFO Mastery, UFO Control and Power, and some other nuggets.

Have a listen when you get 20 minutes, I think you’ll find this UFO video thought provoking.

Drunk UFO Sighting? Does this Happen?

I was just wondering if anyone has ever seen people talking about their drunk UFO sighting.

Have you ever heard of that? Does it ever happen?

If not, the aliens must have a reason for it. I mean, if it’s random, they’d show up anywhere to anyone. They’re not, apparently.

Or do they? Interested to hear from you if you have heard of anyone relaying an experience with a UFO while they were drunk or high on some drug.